Paper C—Research (3 drafts): This will be your most academic and scholarly essay; you will avoid using personal pronouns. At least 3 scholarly sources are required; go through the HSU Library database. (you may add other types of sources but make sure at least 3 are academically acceptable; I will accept unbiased news sources).


C-1:  2 page outline with research question and supporting quotes  + sandwiches + Works Cited
Choose a topic you can really delve into because you will be spending a fair amount of time on research. If you have a research assignment due for another class, you are welcome to use the same topic. If you do not and you are undeclared or cannot think of a topic within your major area of study, the field is fairly open, as long as you use at least 3 academic sources. You will start with a research question and then build a quote skeleton.

Investigate a topic you have always wanted to know more about (a medical issue, where your food comes from)
Explore something you use every day but don’t really understand (computers, cell phones, hybrid vehicles)
Some successful student paper topics:
A particular food trend
An artist or a piece of art
A new type of vehicle
A sport or league
A technological advancement
A potential job market
Investigate a fad or trend that has overtaken our culture, or another culture. Answer the questions what, why, and how. What does it mean? What does it say about the culture? Examples as research questions:
* What does sustainability mean, and how viable or effective are current efforts toward a sustainable future?
* What are answers or alternatives to American dependence on foreign oil?
* Is “going green” possible and is it really accomplishing anything?
* What is the best way to gain muscle mass?
* Are Americans overreacting (or under-reacting) to mass shootings in this country?
* What is the healthiest diet for maintaining healthy weight?
* Are doctors over-prescribing certain medications in America, and which ones?
* What are the best foods for increasing energy?
* Are there increased diagnoses of autism and what are the possible causes?
* What can individuals do to help drought-stricken California?

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