Guidelines for MBA640 Service Learning Project
Duration: The Service Learning Project will last the duration of the course.
Summary: The learner is expected to spend eight (8) hours at the not-for-profit organization performing volunteer service as well as learning about the organizational behavior aspects of the organization. The learner’s experience will culminate in a written report summarizing the learner’s experience as well as addressing several organizational behavior concepts encountered during the experience.
Note: Students in the military can write about military related services; students who live in geographic areas, where there isn’t access to a non-profit, can use any service related organizations including churches.
Contents of Final Paper: The final paper summarizing the service learning experience will be uploaded into Canvas and will contain the following elements:


Identification of the agency or organization for which service was performed.
Description of the purpose or mission of the agency or organization.
Description of the work done by the learner.
Description of the area or department of the organization observed by the learner.

Organizational Behavior Concepts

In this section, the learner will address organizational behavior aspects of the organization. The learner will select two organizational behavior topics from those we study in this course and apply the concepts and principles of those two (2) topics to the organization. Suggested areas for observation and evaluation may include, but are not limited to:

Systems theory as applied to the organization
Organizational culture
How the culture is being sustained or changed
Socialization of members
The role of personality
Motivational theories
Psychological contract
Job design
Use of evaluation, feedback and rewards
Individual or organizational stress
Group development
Group behavior(s)
Use of teams
Management of conflict
Power and politics
Decision making
Organizational structure
Organizational leadership
Organizational change
Details: The following points should guide the learner in the completion of this project.
The paper will contain 3,500 words of content. The cover sheet, abstract (not required but may be used), table of contents (if used), and references do not count toward the length of the paper.
The paper, including citations, references, and general format will be APA compliant.
In addition to the text and the Bible, the paper will contain at least five additional references, two of which must be from peer-reviewed sources. References should be from high-quality sources such as peer-reviewed sources, trade journals and business journals. While sources such as Wikipedia, e-How, blogs, or similar sites may occasionally be used, they will not count toward the minimum number of references.
The learner will obtain a letter from an officer or manager in the organization verifying that at least 8 hours of service were performed for the organization. The letter will state where the service was performed and the nature of the service. The letter will also contain the name and contact information of the organization’s contact providing the letter. This letter will be submitted with the project. This letter does not count toward the page content of the paper. 
In addressing the organizational behavior topics chosen, it is recommended that the analysis include the following aspects (you don’t have to use them all, but these are good places to start):
A description of the topic (a must)
The theoretical foundation of the topic (a must)
How the topic manifested itself in the organization (evidence)
Effects of the topic on the organization
Did the topic manifest itself as what you read suggested it would?
Does that organizational behavior aspect propel or hinder the organization in achieving this mission?
What alternatives are there to the situation(s) you saw?
Was the organization using the Organizational Behavior principles effectively? What evidence is there of this?
Do you have any recommendations for the organization based on what you have learned in Organizational Behavior and what you saw?
The paper will contain a significant section integrating Christian worldview perspectives with the observations. In addition to evaluating the OB situation or practice from a theoretical viewpoint, the learners must also evaluate the situation from the point of view of the biblical foundations provided in this course. Learners must evaluate whether or not the principle as practiced by the organization is consistent with the biblical foundations (compare and contrast) and evaluate the potential change in effectiveness of the organization were the biblical foundations are to be employed.  If the organization does purport to operate from a biblical point of view, the learners will evaluate the extent to which the organization appears to be consistent with the biblical foundation in its organizational behavior. At least 750 words of the final paper should be devoted to this aspect of the project.
Specific Requirements: (3,500 words; At least 7 sources; APA-Compliant)

Students should note that there is a writing assignment due in Unit 7 as well as the final paper.  Students should do their service learning early in the course and should begin working on the final paper before Unit 7.

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