Directions: Based on reading of chapter 3 in Through Women’s Eyes textbook, authors Ellen Carol DuBois and Lynn Dumenil, answer the following questions. Be sure to type your answers using this sheet. Remember to write in complete developed sentences.
Questions need to be answered , though not just in a literal sense, but in addition with more than the occasional example as evidence in support of the answer. The explanations provided must be well beyond the minimum and suggested a clear, confident, nuanced, and full understanding of the key issues raised by the questions. The paper should be neat and readable and totally in conformity with college level work.
1. What “burdens” did the events surrounding the revolutionary conflict with England place on colonial women in the years and months leading up to the Revolution?
2. Your authors suggest that the Revolution brought women to “the margins of political action.” Explain the types of political action that involved women in the Revolutionary era.
3. Also according to your authors, women “practiced all sorts of economies” during this period. Give a few examples and provide some explanation/description of those economies.
4. How did the coming of Revolution and the Revolutionary War influence the lives of Native American women and enslaved black women?
5. In what ways did the Revolutionary War itself effect white women?
6. What did Esther DeBerdt Reed say women were doing or could do to support the patriot cause? What did she and Sarah Franklin Bache accomplish during the war?
7. Chose a single “golden line” from Esther DeBerdt Reed’s Sentiments of An American Woman (pp. 136-137) that you find significant or important and copy it verbatim here as quote. Then explain why you choose it:
8. What do the authors mean when they say that the actions of women during the Revolution placed them “firmly in the realm of woman’s more traditional sphere….”?
9. Study the Benjamin Hawkins painting on page 140. What does it suggest as evidence of the Revolution’s effect on Native American people?
10. Did the Revolution result in greater liberty for either black or white women in the years that followed? Provide a few examples in support of your answer.
No outside sources and no plagiarism please.
I will not send any files.
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