The complete inastructions are below, any other instructions you see/find outside this posting disregard and bring to my attention (Prof.) List …. Name of Corporation # of employees & annual revenue (latest) Where is it based (HQ) Global market (what continents)? What is its’ product(s)/service(s) by general category What kind of CSR record/ CSR reputation has the corporation earned & what is the source of these opinions Key material to uncover …. They will have experienced public criticism, censure, lawsuits, etc. for environmental, social or financial misdeeds? List 3 key unique misdeeds. “Key” = substantive financial impact or public awareness ( total costs per mistake are > $10 000 000 Cdn, plus a list of intangible adverse effects ( brand degradation et. ) Unique = Do not list 3 seperate occurences of bribery, these 3 misdeeds would all fall under one misdeed theme of bribery … total this cost and find two other unique misdeeds. What else was the result of any related public criticism ( brand degradation / anything unmeasurable (intangible) What was the corporation’s response? Conclusion – In general, does this Corporation practice good corporate citizenship (CSR & ethics performance ) or not – in your opinion? Summarize your reasoning – defend your conclusion. TIPS … 1500 words minimum, maximum target is 3000. If you cannot find 3 key / substantive misdeeds, drop the corporation you selected and choose an alternate. BEWARE – some Chinese coporations are difficult to get facts or any related information and you may then have to switch Corporations! A mistake may have been made 20 or more years ago. If it was addressed by the Corporation and no longer in litigation, consider this issue closed ( do not use IF closed over 20 years ago ). If it is still in the courts or there is a potential (risk) of returning to court or substantial backlash (boycott), the mistake can still be considered relevant. We are looking for recent or imminent impact. Regarding the question ” What kind of CSR record/reputation has the corporation earned?” List source of the opinion or rating agency / the CSR grade given (if any) / grading tool used ( if any ). If multiple opinions, list each source. The Corporation can have a good CSR reputation though having made multiple past mistakes. You are trying to answer … what is the companies CSR reputation? What is being reported / said? By who? Reported by many or just one (that one source better be reliable). Company: CHEVRON
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