Module 5 – SLP

Human Resources and Collective Bargaining

​The goal of the Session Long Project (SLP) was to develop a
policy brief. You conducted your own research to develop a policy brief that
impacts the field of education and composed a specific section of the policy
brief for each SLP assignment. This assignment required a significant amount of
time dedicated to locating references and research related to the topic of the
policy brief. The components are outlined below:

SLP 1: Title and Executive Summary

SLP 2: Context of Scope of Problem

SLP 3: Policy Alternatives

SLP 4: Policy Recommendations

SLP 5: Reflection

Incorporate any feedback from your instructor from SLP 4.
Use the questions below to write a 2-page reflective essay:

did you learn from this exercise?How
will this exercise inform your professional practice?How
did the exploration of the research on the topic shape the policy brief?How do
you view your ability as a leader to interpret law and policy? Do
you have more to learn? Explain.Will
your understanding shape your day-to-day practice?How
does policy impact equity and access to education?Upload the final policy brief and reflective essay as a
single document to the SLP 5 DropBox.

SLP Assignment Expectations

This assignment is designated as a Signature Assignment to
assess the Institutional Learning Outcome (7):

Function with integrity and make ethical decision in their
workplaces and fields of study

The rubric for this assignment is modified to accommodate
the assessment of ILO 7.

Ethical Self-Awareness: Understanding Different
Ethical Perspectives/Concepts: Student discusses in detail/analyzes both core
beliefs and the origins of the core beliefs and discussion has greater depth
and clarity. 

Different Perspectives: Understanding Different
Ethical Perspectives/Concepts: Student can state the many possibilities in
difference of beliefs and work to include all understandings.

Ethical Issue Recognition: Student can recognize
ethical issues when presented in a complex, multilayered (gray) context AND can
recognize cross-relationships among the issues.

Application of Ethical Perspectives/Concepts: Student
can independently apply ethical perspectives/concepts to an ethical question,
accurately, and is able to consider full implications of the application.

Evaluation of Different Ethical Perspectives/Concepts: Student
states a position and can state the objections to, assumptions and implications
of and can reasonably defend against the objections to, assumptions and
implications of different ethical perspectives/concepts, and the student’s
defense is adequate and effective.

Professionalism/Timeliness: Demonstrates excellence
in taking responsibility for learning, adhering to course requirement policies
and expectations. Assignment submitted on time or collaborated with professor
for an approved extension on due date.
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