Part 1 one page and APA Reference
As noted in the reading for this module, some states have implemented mandatory arrest policies for domestic violence. Since the implementation of these policies there has been an increase in dual arrest. This has created additional challenges.
Please read the article “She Hit Me, Too. Identifying the Primary Aggressor: A Prosecutor’s Perspective” by Gael Strack. Rasmussen College gratefully acknowledges the National Family Justice Center Alliance and Gael Strack for allowing us to reproduce this article.
Then consider this scenario:
Bob and Sue have been married for 10 years and had 3 children together: ages 7, 5, and 2. Bob struggles to maintain employment due to his alcohol addiction. Sue is a paraprofessional at her two children’s elementary school. Bob has been arrested three times for domestic violence. Last night their 7-year-old daughter called 9-1-1 and reported that her mom and dad were fighting. When the police arrived, Bob admitted to putting his hands around Sue’s neck. Sue was very angry when the police arrived and said that she punched Bob in the throat.
Your initial post should discuss what factors (outlined in the article) are most important to consider in this scenario. Include why you chose these factors. Then, put yourself in the role of the police officer. The post should also include three questions you believe should be asked of each party and what information you are hoping to gain from these questions. Finally, as the police officer, what will you do in in this case?
Your response post should be to a person who asked different questions than you or had a different response as the police officer. Compare and contrast your responses.
Part 2: one page and APA Reference
In a two paragraph response, complete the discussion question(s) as directed. Additionally, respond to another student who may have a different viewpoint or idea than you. Compare and contrast your answers.
Read the following article;
Crime and Substance Abuse
Second, review the scenario below. Consider the above article, as well as information obtained in this moduleâ€s online lecture. Describe some of the items you would be searching for and the suspected crimes they item may be related to.

Scenario: You are assisting an investigator in your department who has drafted a search warrant for a motor vehicle. The vehicle was stopped and methamphetamine was discovered inside the vehicle. The driver was arrested and jailed on possession of a controlled substance. During the search, brown powder and syringes are located. You discover several, small plastic baggie corners torn off with a trace amount of an off-white substance. In addition, numerous items of unopen mail is discovered inside the glove compartment. The names on the mail do not match the driverâ€s name. You also locate several items of jewelry, garage door openers, small power tools, check stock (blank check paper), a crow bar, walkie-talkies, GPS units and cash. Numerous lottery scratch off (non-winners) are in the vehicle.

What do you suspect these items are associated with? Based on your suspicions, what else would you be looking for? What safety precautions would you take while searching this vehicle? (Explain what/why these items have a correlation to drug activity).

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