Topic: Can you assess the value or importance of antimicrobial resistance?

Type of paper: Annotated bibliography

Discipline: English and Literature : English

Format or citation style: MLA

there needs to be 15 annotations, however for the actual paper you need only to use 10 sources that need to be in a works cited page

English 102: Rhetoric

Practice Annotated Bibliography

Wyeth, Jennifer. “The Importance of Infection Control in Tackling the Antimicrobial Resistance Crisis.”

British Journal of Nursing​, vol. 28, no. 5, Mar. 2019, pp. 284–286. ​EBSCOhost​, doi:10.12968/bjon.2019.28.5.284.

This insightful journal explores the importance of antimicrobial resistance. To begin, Jennifer states that

AMR occurs naturally by genetic mutation and natural selection. Finally, she writes that drug resistant

microorganisms have significantly reduced the number of treatment options there are. This source will be helpful to

prove that we need to come together, globally, to improve the public’s knowledge of antimicrobial resistance.

Purpose:​ This assignment is designed for you to develop an argument based on the information that you  have researched about a specific topic or issue related to your chosen career field. You will need to  synthesize sources that both support and contradict your position.

Assignment:​ ​Compose an argument of at least 2500 words that synthesizes the sources you have  researched and offers up your own claim about the topic/issue.

● The Argument:​ T​he main writing project for English 102 is a carefully researched and documented argumentative research paper. This project is the culmination of the JJC composition sequence and should

therefore rely on more sophisticated and complex modes of organization, structure, and argument. It is not

possible to pass English 102 without writing the research paper, including the assigned steps.

Minimum requirements for the research paper are as follows:

● A minimum of 2500 words of text in the final draft, excluding prefatory pages and the Works Cited page.

● A minimum of 15 sources in Annotated Bibliography. ● A minimum of 10 sources in the major essay’s Works Cited page. ● All sources on the Works Cited page must be used in the paper, and all

documentation must follow correct MLA format. Sources may be used and counted for quotations, paraphrases, and summarized ideas.

● The Construction:​ Your argument will follow the classical argument structure as it best fits:  o Introduction with a thesis   o Background information that states the issue being discussed  o Offer your point-of-view on the answer to the problem with support from sources.  o Acknowledge the opposing side using your ideas plus sources.  o Offer a rebuttal to the opposing side using your best argument strategies.

Length: ​Minimum 2500 words

Format/Medium/Layout: ​ You will submit a formal college essay with MLA headings, headers, title, font,  format and spacing, along with a Works Cited page.

Stance: ​ You will demonstrate a well-supported argument in response to the topic/issue as it relates to  your career field.












Scoring Guide Name:_______________________________ Period:_________ The following guide to feedback rates the student’s demonstrated achievement for each of the standards of the assignment. The following scale is used:

Level of Demonstrated Achievement Descriptor

4 Excellent

3 Proficient

2 Adequate

1 Limited

0 Incomplete 4=A; 3=B; 2=C; 1=D Purpose:

● Comprehend, analyze, and critique a variety of texts including academic discourse

Genre​: ● Demonstrate appropriate conventions of written English ● Use correct MLA format for quotations, in-line citations, and citing the source essay ● Apply the strategies and conventions of argumentation with sources


● Use technology effectively and correctly to complete written assignments Audience:

● Apply conventions of writing for academic discourse, including appropriate voice, person, and diction




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