Structure of your Essay:
The key question for this essay is:
“What are the key challenges for an MNC in the international business arena?”
Step 1:
You need to select a multinational corporation from appendix 1. All companies from the list
are ranked among top MNCs from various industries.
Step 2:
Select one host country in which your company has invested in (in any foreign direct
investment forms).
Then, you need to will need to answer the following questions in your essay.
Part 1: Analysis of your selected Multinational Corporation (MNC)
In this section you will need to present and analyse key data supporting the status of your
company as a multinational corporation.
Question 1: Please explain your company’s profile as an MNC.
Question 2: Please use one theory related to ‘globalisation of business’ to analyse the status
of your company. It is important that you integrate the theory with the company story with
a main focus on explaining how the theory fits the company’s development.
Part 2: Host Country Analysis
You will need to focus on ONE factor from the host country that influences the
internationalisation process of the firm. As we focus on politicaleconomy and sociocultural
factors in the first part of this course, we recommend you to answer the following
questions in this section:
Question 3: What are the key country/regional factors affecting your firm’s choice of
country? Why?
Question 4: Please use one theory from the course to support your argument(s). The
application of some theories from this course such as Uppsala internationalisation
theory, Eclectic paradigm, and Porter’s diamond theory can also be useful at this point.
Please give a special focus on how the host country connects to the theory.
Part 3: Foreign Entry Strategies: In this section you will need to answer the following
Question 5: Using academic theory or theories to identity and explain the entry strategies
used by the company, and discuss the benefits and pitfall of these entry strategies.
Part 4: MNC and its impacts
Question 6: Briefly discuss two key international business challenges for
your company.
Question 7: Drawing from the UN Global Compact Principles and/or
Sustainable Development Goals, which area do you recommend that your
MNC needs to focus on in their current and future business? Why?
1. The core of this assignment is to assess your level of mastery of the subject matter and your
analytical skills in relation to foreign market entry strategies. It is important that you can
integrate key international business theories from the course to your analysis of an MNC in this
2. Do not perform PESTEL/SWOT/ five forces analysis in this essay.
3. This is an international business essay. Please avoid marketing and general management
points/analyses in this essay.
4. An essay plan is a valuable tool in preparation for this essay.
5. SLAMS and the Study and Learning Centre are invaluable resources for all students
undertaking this assessment.
Other requirements
1. A minimum of six (6) academic journal articles must be read and cited. This is separate to
supporting evidence that you have researched for the company and host country. Please note
that Wikipedia and Investopedia are not considered academic references.
2. The assignment must be well-structured and well-presented.
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