Read the case and answer all 2 questions. 
Please provide similarity report.

Q1) Explain how does low-context, versus high-context, culture affect communication style. (10 marks)
Q2) Hofstedes cultural dimensions help marketing managers in many ways. When developing a copy strategy for sportswear, in addition to considering advertising content, what other elements should marketing managers investigate cultural dimensions? (15 marks)

Case 1: Cultural dimensions for international sport advertisingGetting marketing communications understood and enjoyed by the target audience is crucial. This is particularly important when a brand has an international audience. Discussions continue as to whether international brands should devise localized advertisements when marketing products and services to audiences in different countries. Previous studies investigated this issue for sportswear advertising and decided to investigate if US students and South Korean international students had different preferences for the communication styles shown in advertisements for athletic footwear.Hofstedes cultural dimensions are often used as part of an advertising managers toolkit when briefing the creative team to produce advertising campaigns. It has been established by Hofstede that US citizens are highly individualistic and are likely to prefer low context communication styles that include simple, direct textual content and clear visual images associated with the product being promoted. On the other hand, South Korean citizens from a collectivist society enjoy high, complex communications styles. Therefore, South Koreans enjoy advertisements that play highly on metaphoric visuals. They also prefer symbolic messages in the textual content of advertisement, which means the textual content does not have to be explicitly associated with the product being promoted.Scholars investigations included a survey with US and South Korean international students. As expected, the findings showed that South Korean students reacted favorably to the high, complex communications styles in advertisements for athletic footwear and also reacted less favorably to the low, simple advertisements. It was expected that US students would not react favorably to high, complex communications and they would react favorably to the low, simple communications. However, the US students enjoyed both low, simple and high complex communications styles.To investigate this unexpected phenomenon, one-to-one interviews were conducted and an investigation undertaken into external and internal factors that intertwine with US society. US society, while individualistic generally, is a society that is multicultural. This means the US population has become accustomed to decoding cultural meanings as they integrate with both individualistic and collectivist groups on a regular basis. Additionally, US students advised that they enjoyed the high, complex communications because they were familiar with the symbolic sports schema they has grown up with. The symbolic sports schema is a general perception guide used by sports fans to understand images, taglines and slogans used around the world. Therefore, it is suggested that US students have been highly exposed to high, complex communications and have become accustomed to them and found the symbolism actually motivated them to concentrate and interpret the brands being advertised. 

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