Read the case and answer all 2 questions.
Please provide the similarity report.
Q1) Do you think the six consumer segments would be similar in other countries? What segmentation approach was used by Peugeot Citron. (10 marks) 
Q2) How can PSA Peugeot Citron use these customer segments in its pricing strategy? (15 marks)

Case 3: Global and glocal segmentation researchPSA Peugeot Citron, the French car manufacturer, operates around the world, currently concentrating on China, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Russia. For these markets minor specification changes are needed for their classic Peugeot 508, together with full transformations of the Peugeot 207, which for the South American market is part car, part pick-up truck.However, PSA Peugeot Citron does not just sell cars – it sells emotions and feelings that surround the cars, such as French style, chic and joir de vivre. Culture and traditions influence people in different countries when making purchasing decisions. Therefore, PSA Peugeot Citron investigated global and glocal segmentation trends.Consumers the world over have a bond with their car. Universally strong bonds occur if the car satisfies the following needs:Usage: Does this car provide the functionality and suitability for the drivers needs, e.g. boot/trunk that fits golf clubs/shopping, fuel economy?Experience: Will this car satisfy individual and/or family needs?Image: Do the values and qualities of this cars brand match and demonstrate the personality and identity of the people that purchase this car?Consumer bonds such as these are global. However, PSA Peugeot Citron and other international brands need to identify specific characteristics of people in different countries and segment them in order to be successful. And this is glocalization, where a global brand understands the characteristics of the local consumer.China is a country that PSA Peugeot Citron is investing in. After considerable research, particularly qualitative research, it was discovered there are six dominant consumer segments in China:1. The Conservatives: these people are older, rural citizens.2. The Solos: intellectual people whose Chinese traditions and culture remain strong and Chinas open market and economy changes do not affect their own activities.3. The Followers: as the name implies they follow the current economic trends and behavioral changes.4. The Bad Boys: these are people who have dual lives – part with the dominant Chinese culture applied to them externally and from their parents, and part libertarian, where they enjoy the image and culture of a relaxed and fun modern society.5. The Social Creepers: this category identifies people who continue to better themselves and to achieve the norms of those people at the next level of societys hierarchy.6. The Pioneers: confident people who admire and stay embraced to China for its grand past and culture and are full of pride to see the opportunities for personal as well as country growth in the new China. 

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