LAB 1 

Game Lab (choose at least two or more games to play/watch):

  • any Civilization 1 – 5  

  • super Mario Bros

  • American McGee’s Alice

  • EverquestThe Sims

  • Ms. Pac Man

  • One game of your choice from the readings


Lab Journals should be a reflection on the module materials as you understand them through one or more of the games on the Game Lab list.  Discuss your gameplay and the affect your gameplay has had on your understandings of the module materials. Lab Journal format options :

  • one three (3) page short essay, double spaced TNR 12 or Calibri 11


Use MLA format if you are writing labs (as opposed to video). MLA header and in text citations. Click for MLA Guide.

Advice on how to write or present a good lab:

  • immediately state the concepts you’ll be discussing. You can do the standard "In this essay I will be discussing:" but that is rather boring. Instead, just begin discussing the concepts. Example: "Author discusses X, stating that "vvvv". Or, "Concept X is often overstated/under appreciated as X…"  

  • continuously discuss the readings throughout your work. Do not just state some material or lightly quote and then move on. Keep in mind that we have very few assignments and I never get to meet with you in person. As a result, all your work needs to be as direct and specific as possible. 

What makes a good discussion post? 

While you’re reading you should be taking notes. What stands out to you and why? What do you find important? Can you help to further the discussion with specific examples that, perhaps, better illustrate the concepts? Did you encounter anything confusing or particularly interesting? Did you disagree with anything (you are allowed to disagree!)? Why did you disagree? What is your counter argument? What are you thinking? 

Take these notes and "bring them to class." Your original discussion posts should reflect how you might bring up points during a face-to-face class discussion. Remember that these posts are not reviews or summaries. Instead, I want to see you interacting with the material. 

What are your own unique ideas and interpretations? Pull directly from the readings, but then talk about those readings as you understand them. Your posts need to clearly reference and engage the course materials as you create an academic discussion stemming from those materials. 

Submissions that do not engage the course material will receive poor marks.  


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