Lab 10 – Chemical Calculations

DUE 4/26/2022


2 KClO3 à 2 KCl + 3 O2

Q1. How many moles of O2 will be formed from 5.50 moles of KClO3?

Q2. How many moles of KClO3 are needed to make 7.50 moles of KCl?

Q3. What mass of KCl can be formed from 560 g of KClO3?

Fe + 3 O2 à 2 Fe2O3

Q4. How many grams of Fe2O3 are produced when 0.275 moles of Fe is reacted?

Q5. How many moles of Fe2O3 are produced when 31.0 moles of O2 is reacted?

Q6. How many moles of O2 are needed to react with 890 grams of Fe?

Some cars can use butane (C4H10) as fuel:

2 C4H10 + 13 O2 à 8 CO2 + 10 H2O

Q7. How many grams of CO2 are produced from the combustion of 500. grams of butane?

Q8. How many grams of O2 are needed to react with of 500. grams of butane?

Q9. How many grams of H2O are produced when 25.38 g of O2 is reacted?





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