Late Start Principles of Management Final, Exam Study Guide, Chapters 9-15

The final exam will be available from will be available Monday 12/13-Sunday 12/19.

This exam is worth 65 points and can be taken at home using Respondus Monitor requiring a webcam and camera. The exam will consists of 50 multiple choice and questions each worth 1 point. The three short answer questions provided below will also be on the exam worth 5 points each. You will have 75 minutes to complete the exam in one sitting. This exam is not open book. 

Please refer to the Sample Student Guide for examples of how to complete this study guide. It will be graded on completeness since the information is located in the eBook. 

Interpersonal Conflict

Maslow Hierarchy of Needs

Locus of Control



Extinction, Avoidance, Punishment

Organizational Strategy (strategy & control)

Types of Power: Legitimate, Reward, Referent, Coercive 

Punishment, Recognition, Extinction, Avoidance

Vroom’s Decision Tree Approach

Organizational Barriers to Effective Communication

Forms of Control

Methods for Controlling Conflict

Task Group

Stages of Group Development

Path-Goal Theory (Achievement-Oriented, Task-Orientation, Relationship-Oriented, Employee-Centered)

Profit Budget, Expense Budget, Financial Ration, Internal Audit & Statement, Revenue Budget, Liquidly Ratio

Initiated-Structures, Task Oriented, Relationship Oriented, Achievement Oriented

Management Information Systems (MISs)

Intergroup Conflict

Selective Perceptions

Organizational Commitment

Negative Affectivity

Cognitive Dissonance

Consequences of Organizational Stress

Situational Leadership Mood

Path-Goal Theory, Trait Approach, Michigan Studies, Ohio State Studies


Reinforcement Method

Fixed-Ratio Schedule

Expectancy Theory




Type A, Type B

Needs (For Achievement, Affiliation, Power)

Rules, Norms, Roles, Customs

Virtual Team

· What is the significance of strategic, cross-cultural, and ethical leadership in contemporary business?

· Compare and contrast fixed-interval schedule and variable-interval schedule.

· Discuss the basic assumptions of expectancy theory.

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