To explore strategic management issues through the lens of culture and satire.


  1. Research Dilbert or the Office if you are not familiar with them. Know the characters.
  2. Review a Dilbert comic (from those provided)
    Actions or an episode from the TV series The Office that concerns a strategic or management issue.

  3. Research possible solutions to the issue presented.
  4. Research how to do a Process Map. ( (Links to an external site.)
  5. Prepare the required analysis.


  1. Provide a brief summary of the strip/episode and the characters involved. If you are not familiar with the characters, do some research on Dilbert or the Office.
  2. What are the management or strategic issues presented in the strip or episode?
  3. Research and discuss six sources on dealing with the issue presented. Three sources are to be from the textbook and three from external research. 
  4. Discuss how the issue impacts the overall strategic success of Dilberts company or the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company (the company in the Office).
  5. Present and explain three possible solutions to the issue presented. Be bold and creative (but realistic). The solutions should be game changers and impact the organization as a whole.  A few pointers. Do not present a tool as a solution (e.g. a SWOT or PESTLE analysis or using the AFI framework). Do not present a solution that only impacts one person (e.g. sending the Pointy Hair Boss or Michael to management training). Do not propose firing the PHB or Michael. Move beyond solutions you might have offered in your earlier CMR courses. Think high level and strategically.
  6. What are the pros and cons of each solution?
  7. Decide on one of the proposed solutions and explain your recommendation.
  8. Identify and explain three actions steps to implement your recommendation.
  9. Prepare a Process Map of your work on the project. What process did you go through in completing the assignment?
  10. Conclude with an exploration of what you have learned from the exercise.


Report: Prepare a report that details your experiences and analysis. 


I.    Introduction

II.    Information about Strip (include) or Episode (identify episode)

III.    Issues presented in strip or episode

IV.    Analysis

      1. Explore research from three references from the textbook and how the research relates to the issue presented.
      2. Explore research from three external sources and how the research relates to the issue presented.

V.    Solution

      1. Identify and explain three possible solutions.
      2. Identify and explain your recommended solution.
      3. Identify and explain three actions steps to implement the solution.

VI.    Process Map

VII.    Conclusion what you are taking away from the exercise?

VIII.    References what sources did you use? Use APA formatting (see Resources on Module Page).

Presentation: Prepare a slide presentation in Powerpoint, Screencaster, or Prezi summarizing your experiences and your analysis. It should complement your report and be a stand-alone (i.e. you can get a good picture of your work without having to go the report). It should be no more than 10 slides. Make sure you use images and visuals, and that the slides are not too wordy (i.e. dont just copy and paste from the report).


Summary of Strip/Episode & Issues Identified (5%)
Research Quality (10%)
Research Analysis (25%)
Solutions/Recommendation/Action Steps (35%)
Process Map (10%)
Presentation (15%)

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