Inthe readings this week, there is a discussion on ethics and business practices.Specifically, some companies, like H&M, Microsoft, Mars, LinkedIn, andAflac, are known for their ethical business practices. Other companies such asTheranos (which is out of business), or Siemens and Wells Fargo (which havebeen totally restructured), repeatedly engaged in unethical and illegalbusiness activities. 

Thereare four main determinants of ethics among people, employees, companies, andcountries: 

       societal ethics, 

       occupational ethics, 

       individual ethics, and 

       organizational ethicsespecially theethics of a companys top managers.

TheSources of Ethics Figure 4.4 on page 106 of your VitalSource textbookillustrates the influences on business ethics.


Youhave a choice in how you submit your assignment. Choose either thepaper or PowerPoint presentation.

       Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper (2-3pages, double spaced 11-point font) answering the questions below and citingyour sources. You must include a visual (chart, image, graph, illustration,etc.) to support your work.


       Create a 6- to 8-slide PowerPoint presentationthat answers the questions. Leverage plenty of visuals to support your work anduse voiceover to discuss the content to your audience. Heres a  that shows you how.

Regardlessof whether you choose the paper or presentation option, you must performresearch from credible sources. You must refer to the Sources of Ethics Figure4.4 on page 106 of your VitalSource textbook and answer the following.

       What explains the differences betweenthe companies mentioned in the introduction to this assignment and theirmanagers? Are there other companies you would add to the ethical or unethicallist? 

       Select one of the four sources ofethics that you believe is foundational for good business ethics and describewhy you think it is important. 

       How would you train or coach amanager to operate by the one you identified? 

       What are specific resources you wouldpoint them to for explanations and examples?

       How would you measure whether yourtraining or coaching worked?





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