Guidelines:  Each of the following objectives should be included;

1.    Identification of a social problem or issue;  Abortion

2.    Research design and context for examining a problem;

3.    Analysis, including brief methodology; and

4.    Conclusion, including prediction of future trends and recommendations for alleviating the problem.

Format:  Three pages, single-spaced with double-space between paragraphs, in a “clean” font (no cursive, etc.); must have a cover page and a list of references in APA style (neither are included in the page count). Must use specified subheadings.

Cover Page:  Descriptive title, your name, date, class, assignment title, 100-word abstract

Heading:  Page 1 should repeat the title, followed by a one-sentence heading statement, informing the reader what the memo is about; this sentence should, in brief, refer to the Identification of a social problem or issue.

Opening Statement:  One paragraph, making the purpose clear and conveying the importance of the issue at hand. The opening statement should (a) clarify, briefly, the issue; (b) describe the Research design and context, as well as the method of analysis; and (c) organize the remainder of the memo.

Issue and Supporting Evidence This section constitutes significant space within the memorandum, consisting of approximately 1.25 to 1.5 pages.  The section should include a clear and detailed statement of the issue, supporting facts, associated arguments or debates, and context. Context may include a number of societal and cultural observations and must include existing and/or potential legislation and case law related to the issue at hand. Use second-level subheadings throughout this section as appropriate.

Analysis:  This section provides your assessment and Analysis of the problem and the socio-legal context that you have identified as relevant to the issue. Using critical thinking skills, evaluate possible solutions and implied effects at each of three levels: the micro (individual), meso (groups, businesses, or demographics), and macro (institutions, courts, government, society). Expect to use about .5 to .75 page for the analysis section.

Conclusion:  Two paragraphs (about .5 page) should accomplish the following:  (a) summarize findings of your research, identifying trends, patterns, or other ways to extend knowledge about the issue; and (b) Conclusion, extending thoughts/ideas, educated prediction, and associated recommendations for alleviating the problem.  In other words, explain the problem and justify your recommendation for the best possible solution, given the context within which you are working. 

List of References:  Include a minimum of three academic references as well as other relevant sources. Use APA Style Guide (see Research & Scholarship page for guidance.)


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