Title: The Time MachinenThe Time Machine chronicles the experiences of Time Traveler who makes journeys through different time periods with the use of a machine. This allows him to take a keen look at the development of humanity through the years. Needless to say, the human race has been subjected to plenty of factors that influence the final outcomes that the Time Traveler experiences. However, his understanding of the society in which he lives (during the Victorian era) and how it could be subjected to carious influences allows him to take a closer look at the ‘evolution’ that humanity seemingly goes through during these periods. Based on his travels eight hundred thousand years and thirty million years into the future, the Time Traveler makes some interesting conclusions on the future of humanity. nFirst, he concludes that humanity will be divided into two main groups; the Morlocks and the Eloi. The Eloi live in the paradise of the future world while the Morlocks live underground. He also concludes that the Eloi do not work while the Morlocks are responsible for the paradise in which the Eloi live. This conclusion basically asserts that class distinction in the future will be present and will translate into all human beings classified as either Morlocks or Eloi. On his second time travel journey, the Time Traveler sees a dying earth, in which no human beings are present. The only living things available are the lichenous vegetation, the enormous butterflies and the crab-like creatures on the beaches. These experiences lead the Time Traveler to conclude that a few hundred thousand years to come, humanity will be divided into two main classes-the working class and the ‘ruling’ class. Many years after this period, the earth will lose its ability to support human life, which is explained by the absence of any human life thirty million years from his time. Based on the relations between the Morlocks and the Eloi, I am convinced that the Time Traveler hints at the possibility that humanity will destroy itself, in addition to the earth. It is also clear that the Time Traveler highlights the fact that evolution has taken place in humanity, based on how the Eloi and the Morlocks look. This is indicative of the reality that humanity is being forced to evolve and adapt to its new surroundings in order to survive.nWhen he made his travels into the future, the Time Traveler made some striking observations. First, when he arrived eight hundred thousand years into the future, he realized that the earth was a rather sophisticated and place, particularly because of the technology that was present. He also managed to meet the Eloi, a group of strange human beings of child-like stature. He also noticed, quite interestingly, that the Eloi spoke very little, and hardly seemed interested in anything. This sparked some curious thoughts within the Time Traveler. He realized that the advent and normalization of technology had seemingly made life very easy, especially for the ruling class, in this case, the Eloi. This had forced them to forget that working and thinking were critical parts of life, hence their lack of curiosity. Additionally, the fact that strength was no longer a prerequisite for survival in their era, they had remained physically small. This indicated that they were unable to handle any work whatsoever. However, when he met the Morlocks, he understood the class distinction that existed in that era. They were ape-like creatures. This alone indicated that it was the Morlocks that were responsible for doing all the work. They were also physically strong, an indication that to actually survive amongst fellow Morlocks, one had to be physically strong, much like nature demands. Their curiosity concerning the time machine also indicated that this was a class of human beings that was able to think, and that was willing to quench their curiosity, much unlike the Eloi. He also discovers that the Morlocks feed on the Eloi, because they are unable to find any other food. This representation of humanity is very indicative of the social evolution that society will eventually undergo, according to the Time Traveler. nWhen the Time Traveler visits the future thirty million years from his time, he realizes that human beings are no more. The only creatures available are the enormous butterflies and the crab-like creatures wandering the beaches. First, the fact that human beings cannot evolve into either crab-like creatures or butterflies is responsible for the conclusion that human beings are no more. It is also worth noting that both creatures that the Time Traveler sees are none exist in his time. Butterflies are small, and there are no crab-like creatures. These creatures indicate the process of evolution and natural selection. Humanity failed to evolve to keep up with nature and so died out while the butterflies and crab-like creatures were forced to evolve to keep up with nature. The fact that the Earth does not revolve and is very close to the sun may be the reason humanity failed to evolve and keep up with nature. Perhaps the conditions were too harsh for humanity and many other species, hence the survival of the two species and the covering of the earth by lichenous vegetation.nLiving in the Victorian era, the Time Traveler is privileged to witness industrial revolution at its best and class distinction at its worst. The advent of technology has seemingly made life easier in virtually every aspect. By the standards of the time, there seemed to be a machine for virtually everything, particularly activities that demanded plenty of thought or were extremely physically laborious. This tended to affect the lives of the society at the time. The ruling class hardly did any work, seeing that they were able to employ countless servants for every small task and had enough money to live comfortably. On the other hand, the working class, most of which was poor, was forced to work very long hours every day to keep the lives of the ruling class running. They were also employed to do all the menial and physically laborious jobs. Based on these two realities from the Time Traveler’s era, it is only logical that the ruling class has evolved into the ineffective Eloi that does nothing all day. They neither work nor think. This also explains their child-like stature, since strength is no longer a prerequisite in their lives. The Morlocks represent the working class of the Victorian era. They work tirelessly and have developed brutish characteristics to suit their living conditions-they are carnivorous and very strong. The fact that the Morlocks feed on the Eloi is also a serious point to ponder. The Time Traveler understood that the working class would someday ‘rebel’ against the ruling class, and a revolution would ensue. This would probably be due to their poor living standards and the hard labor they have to contend with on a daily basis. The Time Traveler sees this ‘rebellion’ in the Morlocks eating the Eloi. The fact that the Eloi have no say in the matter indicates the loss of power and authority that the ruling class would seemingly lose over the working class in the future of the Victorian era. It is this same loss of authority that is portrayed among the Eloi and the Morlocks, and which causes the Time Traveler to draw the conclusions he does.nnnEditing paper on the Time Machinen• Intro Para Darwin and his theory are nowhere mentioned in the essay the writer has to be mentioned toon• Need to mention the link between Darwin’s theory on environment and connect it The time machinen• The examples chosen for the essay are fine but there has to be direct quotes from the book with page numbers n• All examples need to be literally spelled out as clear as possible with evidence to the argument givenn• Explanation is very vague strong emphasis on the environment and survival along with page references n• When you say the Time Machine it’s not clear, you need to specify the author and clear book information n• In para 3 again the argument is not very clear the examples used are fine but the ar gument needs more support and again link to Darwin n• Para 5 needs to be in between para 3 and 4 where the conditions are explained where the sun is mentioned explain why is para 5 n• Essay content is fine it needs organizing where the examples literally need to be spelled out to make as clear as they can to back the argument with proper evidence with quotes and page numbersn• Any reference made to the books has to be specified with page numbers n• Mention briefly Darwin’s theory on environmental changes and where did all begin link to the setting of the story in the book n• Work just needs organizing and proper references nn
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