In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency:

  • Develop a departmental strategic plan that aligns to an organizations strategic objectives


You work for Hoorah Corporation, which produces autonomous electric cars. It has committed to both internal and external stakeholders that the first autonomous electric car will come off the assembly line by the end of the next 24 months. Your department is to design and deliver a working prototype of the key component of electric cars, a microchip, or as they say in your industry, the brains of the autonomous car.

As the key member of the technology department, you have been directed to align your departmental strategic goals to the organizational goals. The projected timeline is that mass production of the cars will begin in 24 months and that your microchip will be completed in 18 months. You are tasked with presenting your plan to Hoorah Corporations board of directors in three months, bearing in mind the organizational goal of a 24-month time frame for the first cars coming off the production line.

Your specific task is to create a presentation to highlight key elements of your departmental strategic plan. Include speaker notes that detail your thinking, so the board of directors can clearly see why they should believe and trust in your presented plan.


In your presentation, the board of directors would like to see your departmental strategic goals and how they align to organizational goals, as well as the tactical steps you will take to achieve those goals. In addition, they want to see that youve amended your initial concept based on the findings from your completed conceptual gap analysis.

  • To orient the board of directors to your plan, explain the purpose of your departmental strategic goals. In your explanation, consider the following:
    • What is the reason the department exists?
    • How would you articulate the intent of your departments strategic plan?
    • What are your departments core capabilities?
    • How does your department create value for the organization?
  • Create your goals and align them to the organizations goals: Decide which two or three of the organizations goals relate best to your department. Then create one or more goals that align to that organizational goal. You do not need to include all organization goals, and one organizational goal may have more than one departmental goal aligned with it.
    • For example, if one organizational goal is to reach 25% market share, what goal in your departmental strategic plan relates to that organization goal?
    • In addition, if an organizational goal is to make the competition irrelevant, what goal in your departmental strategic plan relates to that organization goal?
  • Explain what tactical action steps you will take to align to the organizational strategic plan. As you create these steps, consider the following:
    • What specific actions does your department need to complete in order to achieve organizational goals?
    • What steps would you need to take in order to ensure the deliverables are on time?
    • What does the organization expect of your department in order to reach the organizational goals?
  • Develop how you will measure goal attainment for each of your departmental strategic goals.
    • How will you know if your tactical action steps will achieve what you expect?
    • What is the best method or metric to hold your department accountable to its strategic goals?
  • Perform a conceptual gap analysis to identify the opportunities and needs of the department with regard to the departmental strategic goals. There is no need to create a graph. As you perform this analysis, consider the following:
    • Look at the departmental plan and organizational goals:
      • What is missing in order for the department to meet its obligations?
      • What are some roadblocks that may keep you from reaching your plan?

What to Submit

Every project has a deliverable or deliverables, which are the files that must be submitted before your project can be assessed. For this project, you must submit the following:

Departmental Strategic Plan
Your presentation should clearly outline the departmental strategic plan for Hoorahs technology department. Please include 1525 slides with speaker notes. USE POWERPOINT TEMPLATE UPLOADED

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