Question 1: Required. Everyone to answer.
One page (single space) maximum
Written to me, Professor
In this paper, you will answer three questions.  Everyone will answer Question 1 and then select two, from a list of four questions. The page limits are strict and include any charts and graphs you want to use to make your case.
QUESTION #1 Tell me about the organization and executive of the (NPO) you are choosing for the second half of the assignment.  In one page, tell me what I need to know about the mission and history of the organizational, and the organizational details that will be appropriate background to the questions you choose to answer below.  >>> Chapter related- (reference 1-17).
    1. (a) Also tell me how you acquired this knowledge (personal experience, outside research, etc.).   Note that there is no wrong answer on how you got your informationthis is for my reference.    
 QUESTION #2   Two pages (single space), maximum.
Your chosen organizations board worries that they are becoming stagnant, so they want to create a strategic plan for the next five years as if they were a start-up.  Lay out a business model, draft a new mission statement, and sketch the basics of a business plan for the organization.  State any assumptions you choose to make.
QUESTION #3. Two pages (singe space), maximum
Your organization is looking for a way to grow a lot in the coming years in scope and size, and they estimate that to do so, they will need a 100% increase in budget over five years.  Outline a comprehensive fundraising plan that has options to seek government funding, earned revenues, individual donors, and/or foundation funding. Sketch out a basic pitch and suggest/defend the elements of a campaign.
QUESTION #4. The chief executive of your organization has become convinced that they are being held back by their (stodgy brand and antiquated communications.) means rather dull and uninspired-top heavy with facts.  Outline a communications and branding campaign for this organization, with the objectives of 1) building public support, and 2) generating enthusiasm among the core audience (which means identifying them).
QUESTION #5. Two pages (single space), maximum.  This is written to the Board Chair.  The board of your organization has come to you confidentially to say that the executive is a problem. Employees, volunteers, and donors are complaining about her/his stye of leadership, which is despotic and micromanaging.  Workforce turnover is becoming a problem.  The board would like to improve the leader rather than making a change, if possible.  Diagnose the problem (stating the assumptions you make), suggest goals for a new leadership style and outline the path to help the executive get there- if possible.
In summary:
  • The final is due Wednesday December 15th at 5pm.
  • Answer question 1 directed to me (max 1 page single spaced).
  • Select and answer 2 other questions (choosing from 2-5), directed to an executive at a nonprofit of your choosing (2 pages max per question).
  • Be sure to review the grading rubric before submitting.

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