This is an individual assignment worth 20%of the final grade and is due on week 5 (beginning of the class). You areexpected to submit a professionally completed assignment with the required sectionsas outlined below. The completed assignment must be submitted via Dropboxfollowed by a hard copy to your professor. All hardcopy documents must becompiled as one single document. No other electronic submissions of the assignmentare accepted except via Assignment Box.


Marks willbe deducted for late and/or incomplete submission and assignments handed in viamailbox or email.





1.       A comprehensive Nursing Care Plan:

a.       Typed (single-spaced).

b.       Not exceeding 3 pages.

c.        Grammatically correct with proper sentence structure.

d.       Relevantformat (Use the care plan template).

e.       APAformat.


2.       Other documents:

a.       Acover page with students andprofessors names.

b.       Reference page (for NCP).



Mr. McClaren is a 48-year-oldman who is admitted to the emergency department (ED) with abdominal pain andgeneral weakness.  He reports that hedrinks one bottle of scotch whisky every week for the past one year and oneto two cans of beer during the weekends.  For the past three months, his condition hasstarted to deteriorate. His wife claims that he has not been eating well forthe past three months.  Mr. McClarenreports he has passed dark red stool on three occasions the last one being just one day before coming to ED. Onexamination, Mr. McClaren has an enlarged abdomen with tenderness uponpalpation.  He also presents with thefollowing clinical manifestations: peripheral edema, pale yellow skin colour,dry mucus membranes and body weakness. The physician suspects that Mr.  McClaren has hepatic cirrhosis.  His vital sign findings include Temperature37.8 Celsius, BP 94/52, Pulse 110, Oxygen saturation 94%.  From your nursing classes, you know that someof the treatments Mr. McClaren may receive are paracentesis, ultrasound and CTscan of the abdomen, as well as vitamin K administration.



NursingCare Plan                                                


Part 1: Identify one priority nursing problem (an actual problemnot at-risk) and formulate one appropriate NANDA nursing diagnosisbased on the case study. Provide a rationale to explain why this is a priorityproblem based on the case study (One paragraph, Max. 8 sentences). Use an appropriate source of information (from case studies and literature) to supportyour answer.


Part 2: Develop a comprehensive Nursing Care Plan using the Nursing Care PlanTemplate. Follow the evaluation criteriaof the rubric when formulating the Nursing Care Plan.


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