Art 307 Covid19 Reflection: Special Edition Discussion 


Questions! Please choose at least two prompts for your reflection, although you may answer more if you wish, and add them to the reply below.

1. How does communicating online change your interactions with others? Does it change the kind of feedback/critique you give or receive? What have you learned about online communication? What are some frustrations you’ve experienced?

2. Today, trapped in our homes, we all live in domes and bubbles of a kind, separated from the outside world, like the utopian cities and shopping malls we discussed in chapter three. What lessons can we learn from domed cities and shopping malls to make our own miniature bubbles more compelling and interesting? Remember that in the 70s and 80s, shopping malls were the place to be!

3. One of the ideas that we talk about in chapter 4 is that we have moved away from a world in which we are fighting against nature and toward one in which we are fighting people. (e.g., the brutal competition of The Hunger Games). The COVID outbreak casts this battle in a new light. Are we returning to a fight with nature? Or is this really a fight with people (e.g., those who have a different opinion about how to deal with the pandemic?) Maybe this is really a battle against ourselves? Who or what is the real adversary here?

4. Usually we think of success skills in terms of careers: working hard, and networking. But especially in the early part of the outbreak, success could mean something as simple as getting fresh produce or finding toilet paper. What are some new survival skills you had to learn during the COVID outbreak. Zoom? Where to get food and supplies? What kind of people are advantageous to personally know in an outbreak? What were the characteristics of the people you turned to for help and advice?

5. Chapter 6 talks about the association of art and therapy. What did you do to help with the stress of the pandemic? Was art therapeutic? Or were other things more beneficial? What was more therapeutic: art or cooking/eating? Why?

6. If you could mail a letter to your past self about what you are living through right now, what would you say?

7. Imagine you are creating a historical record about your Pandemic experience that will become part of a time capsule for the future. What would you write? If you have kept a journal during this time, feel free to include that writing as part of your answer.

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