What Is the Peregrine Exam and Why Do I Have to Take It?You will complete a Program Assessment exam called the Peregrine Exam. The exam is designed to assess the foundational business knowledge that you have acquired throughout the duration of your program at Strayer. By completing this exam, you are not only evaluating your competency and understanding on each topic you have learned throughout your program, but you are also helping to ensure that Strayer University maintains the highest quality of education in the business programs that we provide to our students.This assessment must be completed in Week 6. Submit the completion certificate in the Week 6 assignment, Peregrine Assessment Exam Submission. How Will I Be Graded on This Exam?The Peregrine exam is worth a total of 100 points. However, the score that you receive on your exam does not equate to the score that your instructor will record in your gradebook. Instead, your instructor will grade you on an adjusted grading scale (see below). Once you complete the exam, you will receive a certificate of completion that you must submit to your instructor in the Week 6 assignment, Peregrine Assessment Exam Submission, in order for your instructor to provide you with a grade. You are allowed three minutes to answer each question. Any questions not answered within that time limit will be graded as 0 points, so please plan accordingly. Please note that you must complete the entire exam in order to receive your certificate of completion.The overall assessment is graded as follows:

Objective score on the exam is worth 50 percent of grade.
Completion of the exam is worth 50 percent of grade.
Masters Student Registration Instructions

Click the Take the Peregrine Exam link above.
Enter your Student ID and select your Program.
Click Confirm.
To take the exam: 

Select the hyperlink under “Thank you, your course/exam is ready,” then “Begin Exam.”
When finished, save the completion certificate and upload it in the Week 6 assignment, Peregrine Assessment Exam Submission.

For additional information, technical support specific to the Peregrine exam, or answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about the Peregrine Exam, please visit Peregrine’s Technical Support.Note: If you need to contact Peregrine for technical support, please also keep your instructor informed of the issues you are experiencing.

PEREGRINE ASSESSMENT EXAM SUBMISSIONPeregrine Assessment Exam SubmissionYou will submit your Peregrine Exam Completion Certificate for this assignment. This must be completed in Week 6.Upload your Peregrine Assessment Exam Certificate.The overall assessment is graded as follows:

Objective score on the exam is worth 50 percent of grade.
Completion of the exam is worth 50 percent of grade.

BUS 599: Strategic Management Exam

This on-line exam contains 90-questions over the topical areas of:
• Accounting• Business Ethics• Business Finance• Business Integration and Strat…• Economics• Legal Environment of Business• Marketing• Organizational Behavior• Quantitative Research Techniqu…
Depending upon your specific exam, it may take you 60-90 minutes to complete. Be sure to allow yourself enough time before proceeding with the exam.

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