PracticalApplication Paper (1st John)


The purpose of this assignment isto develop practical skills in preparation to teach and apply biblicalprinciples in a Bible study setting. It is not an academic researchassignment; it is meant to be an enjoyable, creative and practical exercise (sinceyou will need these skills in ministry for teaching and leading). Below are thedirections and requirements for the assignment concerning:  (1) organizing a schedule for a teachingseries, (2) developing bulleted teaching notes for ONE teaching session, and (3) applying two biblical principles fora contemporary audience.   


Schedule and Passage (1 page)

On the first page, prepare a listof teaching topics for a 6-week studyfrom 1 John (or 2nd or 3rd John). In other words, on ONE page,develop an overall outline for the study by including an inviting title for thestudy at the top, by using bulleted descriptions of the content for eachtopic/session (about 6 total bulletedphrases or sentences), and by including the Scriptural passage addresses at theend of the phrase or sentence in parentheses, such as (1 John 1-5, etc.). Atthe bottom, include a list of at least two sources (Burges Commentary andJobess textbook work) that you would plan to use for the study if you were toteach it (or if you were to assign someone else in the church to teach thestudy).


Selection of Topic (for onesession2 pages)

On the second page and third pagesof the assignment, choose only ONE of the topic/sessions from your outline andits related key passage. Type out the passage at the top. Then in averse-by-verse sequence (or sets of verses), list some relevant notes in anorganized manner for this passage. Use a bulleted style format for the notes (singlespaced; double spaced between bulleted items) for teaching purposes. Demonstratethat you can gather relevant notes for teaching (no footnotes needed sincethese notes are for the you/the teacher). Remember:  choose only one of the study topics in the series (out of the six). Your gradewill be based on complete sentences, clarity and quality of notes (about context,background, information about key terms, or theological truths, etc.). Think inbasic terms for the purpose of engaging a group or class made up of laity.   


Practical Application (1 page)

On the final page (single ordouble spaced), develop two paragraphseach paragraph explaining onetheological truth in an interesting manner. First, choose two importanttheological truths or principles from your selected teaching session. For thetwo theological truths selected, come up with a practical application paragraphfor each by: (1) summarizing the meaning of the theological truth as Johnintended it for his audience (in a few sentences in the first part of the paragraph)and then in the latter part of the paragraph (2) support this theological truthwith two contemporary illustrations,examples, or elaborations, in order to apply the theological truth for hearerstoday.



Grading Criteria (PracticalApplication PaperBIBL 318)

Teaching Schedule and Passage  (10 percentage points)The schedule presented demonstrates anappropriate outline (with Scriptural addresses from 1 John (or 2ndor 3rd John) for a six-week series in a manner that communicatesclear direction and creates interest for the student or parishioner.  

Analysis (30 points)Quality notes are organizedand presented in a clear and cohesive manner that is appropriate for a 30-45minute Bible study. Notes are educational, detailed and specific. The notesdemonstrate a good sense of what is important to the meaning of the text.  

Practical Application (50 points)Two important theologicaltruths or principles from the teaching outline are selected. Practicalapplications for these truths are well-developed, explaining (1) the meaning ofthe theological truth as John intended it for his audience, and (2) how these truthsrelate to a present context. The explanations are logical, cohesive, and interesting,effectively communicating the meaning of the text for today.   

Format and Style (10 points)-The paper is free ofgrammatical errors and is presented in a professional manner according todirections. Bibliography is included in the teaching schedule (page 1). 

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