One page business plan, SWOT, SMART goals for your business

Create a business plan, SWOT analysis and SMART Goals for a business of your choice. You may create a new business or research an existing business. Attached is an excel file with the Business Plan, SWOT and SMART templates. The excel file also contains the grading rubric for the project. Fill out all 3 templates based on the business you create.

Financial Analysis on company of your choice

In this assignment you will analyze a company of your choice (cannot choose Sears, Apple, McDonalds, Chipotle or Kroger since those were detailed in the videos) and provide specific focus on the 3 key financial statements.  You must analyze the company’s income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. Please submit a paper (Word document) of at least 200 words that addresses the following questions. As a source you can use Yahoo finance (opens in a new window) or any other financial source.

  • What company did you choose?
  • Income Statement
    • What is the trend in revenue for your company?
    • How satisfied are you with the company growth in lack of revenue growth?
    • Please provide data of the last 3 years of the company’s revenue level.
    • Does your company make a profit?
    • Please provide data of the last 3 years of the company’s net profit level.
    • What is the Return on Sales for your company, and comment on the level of profitability for your company.
  • Balance Sheet
    • Provide data on the most current year’s total assets, total liabilities, and stockholder’s equity.
    • What percent of your company is owned by creditors?
    • In what shape is your company to paying its current bills?
  • Cash Flow Statement
    • Explain the differences between cash from operations, cash from investments and cash from financing.
    • Provide data on the current year’s cash flow broken down by cash from operations, cash from investments and cash from financing and the total net cash flow.

Provide a statement on the overall financial health of the company you choose, and provide support for your answer.


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