1. Susie has never felt comfortable with her therapist. While she has no reason for her feelings, she is easily angered by his questions and feels as though he is judging her. Susie has often thought that the therapist reminds her of her father. This is a case of
a. An ego defense mechanism
b. Countertransference
c. Transference
d. Insight
2. Choose the correct development process for Freud’s mental structures.
a. Id, superego, ego
b. Ego, superego, id
c. Ego, id, superego
d. Id, ego, superego
3. Choose the example of operant conditioning.
a. Anxiety when an abusive person walks into the room
b. Hesitance to touch a light switch because of previous shocks
c. Children rising from their seats to go outside when a bell rings
d. Improvement in writing skills from praise and positive coaching
4. Choose the example of classical conditioning.
a. Continuing to play the slot machine after hitting a small jackpot
b. Staying on a diet
c. Walking out of an elevator when the door opens, regardless of the floor
d. Driving the speed limit after getting a ticket
5. An effective interviewing behavior during an assessment includes the following.
a. Paraphrasing
b. Confirming
c. Probing
d. Silence
6. Which of the following is a multicultural issue for any of the psychological instruments customarily used in the United States?
a. Level of acculturation
b. Preconceived notions
c. Theoretical orientation
d. Distortion of information
7. One of the common concerns associated with IQ testing is that
a. a wide variety of human behaviors is being measured
b. a person’s performance is compared against others’performances
c. testing is used to learn about cognitive strengths and weaknesses
d. there is a possibility of racial bias
8. Larry is a single, 40-year-old male who runs his own business. Lately, he feels tired all the time, lacks motivation and appetite, and is not enthusiastic about anything. Based on his symptoms, which type of interview is most appropriate to use?
a. Termination
a. Crisis
b. Mental status
c. Diagnostic
9. Which of the following is a potential threat to effective interviewing?
a. Time of day
b. Interviewer bias
c. Structured interviews
d. Self-monitoring
10. Examples of objective personality tests include all but this test.
b. Rorschach
c. MMPI- 2
d. Sixteen Personality Factors

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