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Many of us have had our first sexual encounter at some point in our lives, whether we first did it during our teen years, sometime after, or even after marriage. Sex may not be the most crucial factor in whether or not a relationship will survive, but it is essential to some degree. Studies have shown that sexual activity decreases cortisol and increases oxytocin (the “cuddle hormone”). Sex also improves our quality of sleep; upon orgasm, our bodies release a hormone called prolactin, which is essential for deeper sleep and adds time in the REM stage. REM is the part of the sleep cycle when our dreams occur, and our brain and body are re-energized.

Sex is fun, it’s pleasurable and builds an erotic connection in a relationship, but over time, as we age, biological changes begin to occur. As men and women reach over age 40, sex may not be the same as it was in their teens or 20s. As men after 30 get older, testosterone levels decline 1% each year. As testosterone decreases lower, erections take longer to occur, the risk of erectile dysfunction elevates, and the erection is not as firm as it once was. In women, as they reach older age, estrogen levels decline, leading to vaginal dryness and delayed sexual arousal; their interest in sex changes as a result of stress and other emotional changes; as women get older, they enter menopause. Menopause is defined as a time that marks the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle; this occurs when 12 months have elapsed without a menstrual period. According to the textbook, as we age, changes such as wrinkles in our face and skin occur; in addition, the flesh begins to sag, the waistline expands, viewing us to society as unattractive (Yarber. 2022).

If a couple’s sex life is not as attractive as it once was, I would be honest and inform them of the changes their bodies are undergoing. Especially if they’re older; I’d inform the man and woman that their hormones start to decrease as they get older, causing these changes and not judging one another too harshly if not at all. In the event that giving them this information is insufficient, I’d advise the couple to have a sit-down with one another and discuss what’s mutually satisfying and acceptable. Also, there are books out there on how to maintain a healthy sex life upon aging. Sex is only one erotic bond in relationships, but hand-in-hand walks, nibbles, kisses, massages, candlelight dinners, and caresses also elevate connectedness. Quality time with one another is more essential than quantity in even the most sexually satisfied couples (Yarber. 2022).


Yarber, W L (2022). Human Sexuality: Diversity In Contemporary Society (11E). McGraw-Hill Inc.

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First I would start off by saying when I generally think of subjects such as this one, I tend to also remember the different age groups. Age does play a huge role when discussing any level of intimacy. Take a group that the age range is 18-25. Typically this age group expects to have lots of sex and is more than okay with not being in a committed relationship. As hormones are running rapidly at this age, it is more acceptable and expected to have one-night stands or FWB rather than committing to someone. But the main point of this age is lots of sex with no strings attached. When we hit “middle adulthood, things such as work, and family become especially important.” During this stage, we start to have a decline In the want and amount of sex because we are busy running here and doing this and that.  When we get into the last age group which can be anywhere from 60 and up, we usually lose our sex drive and our expectations are based more on who can fulfill a companion rather than an intimate relationship.
Some things such as health issues or concerns could also affect one’s expectations for sex. Take an older couple. The wife expects to be intimate 3/7 days a week, however, her husband would be fine with it once a week. This could cause tension between the two if they do not discuss what each expects and why the other is not feeling up to it. He could be suffering from erection problems or a loss of blood supply.

Another issue that may occur with a  couple of age is their physical appearance. When we are in our twenties, we look great probably the best we will ever look however as my mother says, looks fade. With age comes more responsibility, which adds stress and stress causes weight gain.

I think one of the most important things about a relationship is dating. When you are with someone for a long period of time it tends to get repetitive and boring which is why the divorce rate is so high, according to the CDC,” 2020, the divorce rate was 50%. This may seem like nothing considering how many billions of people are in this country but when you think about it this number in 1979, the divorce rate was only a 5%.” I think couples forget that they started out by dating. despite if you are married or still considered dating just for several years not physically going out on dates and spicing things up in the bedroom can cause a significantly low set of expectations for one person while the other still sets the bar high.

Every couple should be discussing what their expectation is, how much they expect, what they like in the bed, what they do not like, what they are willing to try and not to try, and most importantly how it can bring them closer together. Unfortunately, life sometimes does get busy and in the way but if you are capable of being intimate then you are capable of discussing with your partner the issues. I believe there is also compromise. Perhaps a couple married or not has been together for ten years and the woman is getting bored, however, the male sees nothing wrong, they can discuss why she is unsatisfied and come to an agreement or plan in order for her needs to be met.

Yarber, W. L., & Syad, B. W. (2022). Chapter 7. In Human sexuality: Diversity in contemporary society. essay McGraw-Hill.

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