Week 5 Project: Values

For the Week 5 project, you will write a two-page values assessment in which you discuss how your values, as determined by scores obtained from the values assessment found on (https://www.valuescentre.com/tools-assessments/pva/), match up with the career you have in mind as you are pursuing your academic studies. 
Once you have taken the assessment(s), you need to formulate a 2-page Microsoft Word document. (NOTE: your Title Page and Reference Page are NOT part of the 2 pages, and NO Abstract is needed).

Write your paper using APA (helpful tips below).

1)    Introduction 

a)    5 to 7 sentences with the final sentence stating the ‘purpose of this paper is’
b)    This paper will focus on ‘state the topic’.
c)    ‘The purpose of this paper is to ‘state the assignment detail’.

2)    Body

a)    Paragraph One: In 5 to 7 sentences, ‘Thinking about your top (aka: core) valuesto what extent are these similar/dissimilar to personal ethics (i.e., work, school, community, social, etc.)? Do you agree with the results of values assessment? Why or why not?’
b)    Paragraph Two: In 5 to 7 sentences, ‘How well do your core values match up to your anticipated career? Are there aspects of your values that make your career choice a good fit or might your values present some challenges to your eventual career.’
c)    Paragraph Three: In 5 to 7 sentences, ‘Discuss how both your top 5 values and bottom 5 values could impact your overall personal and professional success. Why is it important to know and understand your values?’
d)    General ReminderCite sources within the body of the paper and use a page number if you are directly quoting.

3)    Conclusion

a)    5 to 7 sentences restating paper content
b)    Restate what you were writing about (topic) and put in your reflections as ‘the author’ rather than ‘I’.

4)    Reference Page 

a)    Use at least one source in the reference page.
b)    If you use additional sources, list them alphabetically by author/researcher.
c)    Remember this is a ‘REFERENCE PAGE’ NOT a ‘Works Cited’ page.

5)    Name your document SU_PSY255_W5_Project_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.

APA Style for Well-Developed Paper

   Title Page Properly Formatted
   Introduction Paragraph (5 to 7 sentences with final sentence stating the ‘purpose of this paper’ which are the assignment detailed items Remember Citations)
   Body Paragraphs (2 or 3 paragraphs outlining the assignment detail Remember Citations)
   Conclusion (5 to 7 sentences restating paper content)
   References Page
   Other APA Specific: Third Person (the author) rather than first person (I)
   Remember to PROOF your Paper

Please use APA Style 

The assessment result are attached below please use them.

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