1. Intersectionality

Remember that intersectionality is a method of exploring and unpacking how our identities shape the way we move through, experience, and make sense of the world around us. Intersectionality shapes the communicative and performative ways that gender/sex is done by us and by those with whom we interact. Intersectionality, as a perspective, also opens up new ways of exploring and unpacking the ways that institutions gender us and how gender/sex expectations are presented in them.

2. Sex Differences vs Gender Diversity

We also explored the various methods that scholars, scientists, artists, and activists have talked about gender through the body, voice, and language use. We broke apart the three theoretical perspectives of biological, psychological, and critical/cultural approaches to understanding gender/sex. Through this exploration, we realized that one of the primary ways we are exposed to gender/sex prior to a course like this is through “sex difference” perspectives, which would argue that our gender is ‘hard wired’ rather than taught to us. Instead, our textbook and our materials covered have shown that there is more diversity in gender presentation and performance than we could have imagined.

3. Institutions and Gender/Sex

We also explored the ways that institutions, various forms of social construction that implement and make use of power, are shaped by gender/sex expectations and reinscribe those expectations onto us, which dramatically informs and shapes the way we do gender. The six institutions we covered were: family, work, education, media, religion, and government. 


  • Either a write-up (2-3 pages) or a reflection video (about 3 minutes);  as always, the format choice is yours 🙂
  • submit this after writing your final examination (please)
  • Answer/address 2 of the 4 prompts below


  • Pick one of the three above areas we covered; what is one way that you now see gender/sex differently based on what we have covered in this class? How will this shape the way you understand, engage, or do gender/sex in the future?
  • What is one reading, article, video, or examplar from the course content that will ‘stay with you’ after this class? Why?
  • What is one area or topic in gender/sex that you think this course should or could include in the future? How does it connect to what we’ve discussed here already, or how does it expand the conversation?
  • What suggestions or helpful tips do you have for students or folks who may take this course in the future and may engage gender/sex and other issues of identity?

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