For this assignment, you will write a semi-formal, MLA reflective essay in which you will explain and support your learning of the 2 course outcomes (see course syllabus) you feel that you have mastered and 1 outcome that you feel that you still need to work through.
These are the course outcomes from the syllabus that I’m referring to:
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  • Demonstrate writing as a recursive process.
  • Demonstrate writing and inquiry in context using different rhetorical strategies to reflect, analyze, explain, and persuade in a variety of genres and formats.
  • Reflect and explain their writing strategies.
  • Demonstrate the critical use of and examination of digital, visual, and alphabetic texts.
  • Locate, evaluate, and incorporate relevant sources with proper documentation.
  • Compose texts incorporating rhetorically effective and conventional use of language.
  • Collaborate actively in a writing community.
  • Increase information literacy through appropriate skills and use of technology; such technology will be used to identify, locate, evaluate, and incorporate information efficiently (as referenced in Gen. Ed. Goal I: Communications).
You will refer to specific activites/work/units/modules that you have completed throughout the course that have helped you “master” each goal and get ready to move into ENG 112. "Show, not tell" your growth in the course by referencing specific assignments, feedback, and peer comments. 
Purpose: To write a reflective essay that shows my reader how I have met the 2 goals of the course and need to continue working on 1 goal. I will support my claims with evidence from the coursework.
Audience: Instructor
  • At least 2 pages in MLA formal
  • Formal organization with an intro, multiple body paragraphs, and a conclusion (the thesis should serve as a roadmap for the body paragraph layout) 
  • Specific evidence from the course with appropriate analysis
  • Formal, academic tone and style (first person is okay!) 
  1. What will my thesis look like? It will need to be a statement in which you tell your reader the main idea of this essay. The main idea needs to be that you have met two specific outcomes from the course and that you see where you need to continue working on at least one outcome. 
  2. Can I add other things that I have learned? Sure, as long as you address the required outcomes first. 
  • Please do not discuss liking or not liking the class and/or assignments (although I hope you did!). This essay’s purpose is to showcase YOUR learning of the goals and nothing more.
  • Plan ahead. Have an outline for your essay before you begin to write.
  • Don’t forget your Work Cited (remember, you are using the course syllabus). Here’s how to do that: To properly cite a syllabus in MLA, follow this format:  
To properly cite a syllabus in MLA, follow this format:
Professor’s Name. Course Syllabus Title. Date of the Course. Department and Institution Name, Location. Publication Medium
For example:
Sullivan, Danielle. Modern Fiction Syllabus. 2011. Literature Department, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ. Microsoft Word File.
*Please use your actual instructor’s name, citation builders sometimes use the name of the software builder or some other person – the author’s name should be your instructor’s name, found in Faculty Information.

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