The final essay assignmentwill ask you to integrate secondary research, which can be critical,historical, or theoretical in perspective. You are free to work with theliterature you have found most provocative, though I encourage you to work withdifferent material beyond your first 2 essays. Your research should deepen youranalysis of your text by adding scholarly context and perspective. Rememberthat we have only read excerpts of some of our texts, and it is important thatyou remain close to these selections. Guidelines for the include:


1.    Theessay should be 6-8 pages


2.    Youressay must use 2-3 secondary sources. Your use of secondary sources should beframed with depth and critical engagement. Secondary sources must be print-based either be directly from a book or a library database. It is stronglyrecommend that you use scholarly articles and/or academic book chapters.


3.    Thepaper must be typed in size 12 Times New Roman. Please double-space, use normalmargins, and include page #s on your essay. Also include a good title J, as well as a Works Cited page in MLA format.


4.    Theessay must use Modern Language Association 8 (MLA8). You may directly quote,paraphrase, or summarize source material, but credit must be given using MLAin-text citations as well as a works cited page at the end of your paper.


5.    Allessays need a strong thesis statement that positions a critical interpretationof a text(s) from our syllabus. The secondary sources should help deepen andframe your analysis of the texts.



Here are some potentialtopics:


1.    Throughoutthe semester, we connected our texts to representations in other art forms,including painting and music. For your essay, identify the text you would liketo work with as well as a specific work of visual art or music. How does thepainting/music deepen/enrich your analysis of the text?


2.    One ofthe points of thematic focus that has followed through our texts this semesterconcerns representation of the natural world, and more specifically, of gardens.How are gardens represented in one or more of the texts we read? How dorepresentations of gardens connect to what is either formally or ideologicallyimportant in that text?


3.    Allsemester we have paid careful attention to genre when discussing ourtexts and their literary-historical significance. Pick one text and analyze itin terms of genre (epic, lyric, prose-fiction, tragedy, comedy, etc.). How doesthe form of the genre intrinsically connect to the content/messages of the work?


4.    How isgender represented in one of the texts we have read this semester? Why doesthis representation matter?


5.    Thetexts we read this semester are often referred to as classics. Do you thinkthere is value in reading one of these classics? If so, what is it? How isthis text relevant for our times?


6.    You arefree to come up with your own topic, but you must have it approved by me. Youcan use your proposal (see below) to propose a different topic. 

Notes: Midsummer Night’s Dream 

MLA works cited page

use 2 sources

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