ResearchTopic:  InternationalMediation, a viable tool in armed conflict resolution in the Central AfricanRegion.

ResearchQuestion:  Towhat extent can international mediation be considered as a viable tool inresolving armed conflict resulting from socio- economic and political strugglein the Central African Region?

Also, below are this assignment instructions, Thank you.

This week you need to propose what topic you will coverfor you literature review assignment.   In this literature review,you will be expected to assess the literature in regard to the relative meritsof two IR theories in explaining the outcome of a case study of your choice. Inorder to prepare you for you Literature Review assignment, please provide:

1. A brief description of the specific case-study that you areinterested in examining, and an explanation for why this is an important caseto study (for example: the Cold War, the Israeli-Arab conflict, the KyotoTreaty, the Landmine Ban treaty, European integration, the rise of China,Americas potential decline. In short, there are many different topics that youcan choose from. Just make sure that the topic that you choose is directlyrelated to international relations).

2. A clear and concise research question (for example: why didnt theCold War escalate into an actual war between the United States and the SovietUnion? What explains the failure of the Kyoto Treaty? What explains the passageof the Landmine Ban treaty? Why did the United States and the Soviet cooperateduring WWII? Why did the League of Nations fail?). Note that a good researchquestion is analytical innature and can be answered within the time and space available. In other words,it is not merely descriptive,and should not take a book-length manuscript to answer. A descriptive questionis one that seeks to describe an event (i.e., what happened? Example: what didGermany do in September 1939?), an analytical question focuses on why thingshappened the way they did, or why expected outcomes did not happen (see theexamples above). Keep in mind that predictive questions (or speculativequestions) are also not suitable for this assignment. We don’t know how eventsare going to play out in the future (regardless of how confident we are), andthe effectiveness of IR theories cannot be tested with respect to events thathave not happened.

3. A list of six preliminary scholarly sources

Please note that you will not be writing an actual research paper. Rather, you will focus on a literature review that you would have used to writea full research paper were it required.  So, what you will be doing isdiscussing the current state of literature about your topic.  What are themain works?  How can you categorize them? Are there gaps?


 General Instructions for Assignments and Rubric

All assignments should be written in Word and uploaded as attachments withinthe Assignments section of the classroom (please do not upload a PDFdocument).  Use 12 pt. font and double-space.  Be sure to put yourname and class information on the document and put your name on the file. Insert page numbers.  


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