The purpose of the research project is to increase your understanding of psychology as a science and provide an opportunity to become familiar with locating, evaluating, and understanding articles in professional journals.
Find a professional journal article on a subject of interest. You can use PsycARTICLES research database available through the library or another research database as long as the article is from peer-reviewed journal.
IF you are unable to access HVCC’s or your school’s library databases, the does allow you to search for peer-reviewed articles. Select those that are available in PDF form, not hyperlinks since they may not contain the full article.
If there is any doubt about whether an online journal is acceptable, ask me or a reference librarian.
Psychology Today, the newspaper (any), and informational websites are not acceptable sources for articles.
The article should include a methods section and must be a primary research project (not a meta-analysis). This is an article that involves the collection of data or manipulation of people or animals. A review of literature, critique, or opinion article are not acceptable since they dont involve research.
Write a 3-4 page paper (typed, double-spaced, 12 point font) reviewing your article. Please answer the following questions in your summary with as much detail as you can find in the article.
What was the hypothesis/research questions?
Who were the subjects/participants?
What were the methods used in the research (how did they collect the data and what data did they analyze)?
What were the results/conclusions? Is this what the researcher(s) expected?
What is your opinion of the article? Was the research done to answer the question well or were there some issues in the data collection that could have interfered with the conclusions?
Please assemble your paper in the following order:
Cover page, including your name and the title of your article
Your written review
On a separate sheet, citation of the article in APA format
A copy of the article you reviewed, preferably the one you used with notes and highlighted sections
Additional notes:
Use your own words. Please do not quote from the article. This includes cutting and pasting entire sentences and/or paragraphs. This also includes putting together sentences from the article in different order than the author. If you have any questions about what is copying, please check HVCCs policy regarding plagiarism.
If you run into difficulty with APA format citation of the article (not in your review) or would like some help with your writing, assistance is available in the Learning Assistance Center. The LAC is also familiar with plagiarism rules. If you have questions along the way, please feel free to ask me.
Pick an article that is interesting to you. You may need to scan a few articles before you find one that is interesting and understandable. This may seem time consuming, but it will be worth it in the end when you can write about an article that you were interested in and that was understandable.

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