I think the term on- year and off-year funding cycles is no longer used but the concept is still circulating. As I looked for examples of the on year/ off-year funding I was surprised at how much that looked like the resource allocation process and the PPBE biennial cycle. Each year the programs are reviewed and the political climate can affect the process. Much as the stopgap spending bills are working to keep the government funded. It the off-year reviews could improve the spending of the on year budget request then there may be a benefit to the cycle. If the realization that the program is a waste of funds and can be halted then that too could be a good point. At what point of the program and the funding will it be deemed a waste and stop the program to save the funding. The fact that with the on year/off year funding cycle the funds are in question and who can plan and perfect a program when the funding source and the possible increase or decrease of funds looms. The process is cumbersome and funds the system with a lot of little appropriations bills that must try to get through Congress so National defense isn’t damaged by the budgeting process. I can see the need to continue the justification for the funding of programs but this seems to extend the process with red tape. Those that work in the Budget Office are inundated with paperwork.
I was looking at the on year/ off year funding like a household budget if it was used the household would be in turmoil each year. Long-term and short-term goals would be reviewed and scaled back every year. Changing priorities and political motives make the on year off year funding difficult.……

On-year and off- year funding cycles were relevant in 2003 when the Department of Defense (DoD) adjusted its support to a two year cycle based off of its planning, programming and budgeting. That means that the DoD was basing its PPBE on two year budgets. The presidentâ€s budget request that would be sent to congress would be submitted once every year and would reflect for even numbered fiscal years. For example the FY 2010 Presidentâ€s Budget, submitted to Congress in February 2009, and contained justification material for both FY 2010 and FY 2011 (“Budgeting Cycle, 2018).
The on-year would be the even years that represented a POM/budget Estimate Submission (BES) from each military branch to be submitted to the Secretary of Defense. The off- year or the odd year would be focused submitting changes to the baselines.
In an article published by the business of federal Technology the author Aisha Chowdhry makes a statement that “I think going to a two-year budget, you are potentially almost budgeting too far in advance”.it is believed that if you set the budget for two years in advance you are more limited to be able to respond if something were to happen. However, on the other side shut down threats wouldnâ€t be an issue.
I think a pro to this concept is that it gives the government a reprieve every other year to catch up and make the necessary changes. A con is that you are limited to what is given to you at the fiscal year as far as funds go.
The idea has most likely been phased out due to congress having a say into all avenues in which money is delegated and they want to ensure it is going to proper use.
I do see this process maybe one day making a comeback. Government DoD employees may want it to come back just to ensure that they will not go a day without work or pay.
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Chowdhry|, A. (2016). Should Congress budget on a two-year cycle? — FCW. FCW. Retrieved 16 February 2018, from……

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