Role of Civic Engagement in a Republic

Learning Objective: Social Psychologist Jonathan Haidt’s “Three Great Untruths” are examined: 1) life is a battle between good people and evil people, 2) what doesn’t kill you makes you weaker, and 3) always trust your feelings. Civic engagement is the antidote to the divisiveness and self-centeredness that belief in these “untruths” fosters.

Please note: Additional requirements for the Primary Assignment can be found by clicking on the Course Assignment Comments headline (above).

Option 1: Words & Music.

It’s been suggested that a photograph is worth a thousand words. So imagine what a video is worth! For your Primary assignment this week, post a music video that demonstrates your thoughts on the importance of civic engagement. In at least 600 words, analyze the song’s lyrics and images to help the reader make the connection between the song and the need for civic engagement. Use the assigned course reading materials to support your argument. You can choose your music video or select one of these. If you select a music video that is not on the provided list, you are responsible for its appropriateness. If in doubt, don’t. Be sure to link the video to your assignment.

Band/ Act Song Title Genre
Black Eyed Peas w/ Justin Timberlake Where is the Love? Hip Hop/Rap
Green Day American Idiot Punk
Lady Gaga Born This Way Pop Vocal
Billie Holiday Strange Fruit Jazz
Dixie Chicks Not Ready to Make Nice Country
The Who Won’t Get Fooled Again Classic Rock
Bruce Springsteen Born in the USA FM Rock



Option 2: Political Speech and Civic Engagement (aka Deeply Flawed Article)

In June 2019, the Gallup polling organization reported that 23% of Americans viewed immigration as the most important political issue facing the United States. Although we frequently hear American society described as a nation of immigrants, concerns over immigration is not a new topic. In 1896 Senator Henry Cabot Lodge delivered a speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate, titled, The Restriction of Immigration. For this assignment, write a paper of no less than 600 words analyzing and critiquing three arguments presented by Senator Lodge. In your role as an engaged citizen, how would you respond to the views expressed by Lodge? Use specific ideas from the assigned readings in weeks one and two to support your argument.

This assignment is worth 100 points

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