Your boss (the marketing manager) has asked you to review the marketing environment in which the firm operates, to identify target markets for your offer and to describe how the product is positioned within the market. . You are required to include the following areas: • An introduction of your selected company and specific offer. • An analysis of the marketing environment in which your firm operates, to be supported with evidence. • Identification of a target market for your specific offer. • The use of segment variables to describe your target market. Justification of your selection and the appropriateness of your target segment for the selected offer. • The illustration and explanation of a positioning map, to discuss and justify the position of your offer relative to competitors within the market. • A conclusion. You are required to demonstrate that you can write in an effective manner, that you understand basic marketing concepts and that you have the ability to appropriately apply theory to practice. To demonstrate your ability to apply theory to practice you must illustrate your answer with a specific offer and specific target segment that is available in the country in which you are studying from one of the following scenarios. My selected Scenario is SONY PLAYSTATION 4. Please do note that this assignment should be done with regards to the market in AUSTRALIA and not any other countries. 1) I have attached a following sample assignment of how the work should look like when it is done. Please do follow the format of the sample assignment. 2) Position map should be done by scratch by the writer and not copied and paste from online. Please also elaborate on the position map. 3) Please Choose TWO MICROENVIRONMENT AND TWO MACRO ENVIRONMENT and elaborate more on it and make sure it is in depth. 4) Appreciate if you could add in the following textbook (KOTLER BURTON DEANS BROWN ARMSTRONG MARKETING 9TH EDITION) inside as ONE of the reference along with THREE more peer reviewed journal from IBISWorld under the references. 5) A concise conclusion on the whole essay would be good, rather than repeating or reiterating what headings are explained in the essay. 6) I have also attached the marking rubrics scheme. DO READ AND FOLLOW TO SEE IF YOU HAVE ANSWERED THE POINTS TO ACHIEVE THE HIGH DISTINCTION GRADE. 7) Do follow the Q manual as attached for referencing. 8) I will need at least 10 references for this assignment. 9) Please do read the lecture slides attached as well to make sure you are doing the assignment based on what is taught in my school as well. 10) A sample Template is attached as well. Please follow the template and work from it.
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