Develop a segmentation and positioning response based on the use of the marketing fit design process for two brands of eBikes. Refer to theoretical content in Ch. 7 (pp. 223-253), Ch.8 (pp. 257-289) and Case Study 8 “The Sleeping Giant” (pp.594-598) Note: The attached files are “Task Details”, “Assessment criteria”, “Ebook Login Details” and “My university Login Details”. Please read the attached files carefully.Skills: Desktop research, design process, informed discussion, and report writing Focus: Electric bikes are not, surprisingly, a recent innovation. In actuality, since the inception of the first velocipedes, the concept of powered bicycles has endured despite market inertia in Australia and elsewhere in the world. Develop a concise report which examines the relatively recent change in national or Australian domestic shifts in consumer sentiment and undertake a market fit assessment for two brands (of comparable type/model) of eBikes. Approach: Assessment 3 provides an opportunity to gain first hand appreciation of the rationale, risks, and technical requirements involved in undertaking market segmentation and positioning procedures, as well as market selection and entry considerations. Ensure the report contrasts eBikes from two manufacturers one Australian and the other a well-known overseas counterpart (import). Required: Include detail and insight gained from secondary sources (desktop research) to ensure sufficient contrast between the brand categories of eBikes chosen for contrast and comparison. Be highly selective in what needs to be included in the report (1500 words maximum excluding Executive Summary and References), as the emphasis is on effective market segmentation and product positioning techniques (not product description or a product brief about features). Refer to the in-class or online workshop on designing for market fit, and the supporting learning materials. Use the prescribed text and assigned readings, as well as your selection of reputable sources. Due Date: 8/02/2018 05:00 pm (Thursday, Week 12) Due Description: Queensland Standard Time Return Date: In keeping with the University’s Assessment policy for exam equivalent assessment submissions and feedback — returns coincide with Certification of Grades. Return Description: Refer to gradebook and Feedback Studio in Moodle for feedback and grades Submission Instructions: PDF Converter Use file (.doc, .docx to .pdf) converter and submit the final draft of the written report. Assessment Criteria Item Weighting Identified or Defined Standards (TBA) Rationale, theoretical asses676641sment of problem 8 marks Technical assessment of positioning and market fit requirements 12 marks Effective use of characteristic segmentation requirements 12 marks Mechanics and references 8 marks
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