Remember the Research Process? See below for the final paper outline, guidelines and grading rubric. The final paper outline includes all parts of the research process.  

1. Define Research Problem
2. Formulate your Research Question
3. Review of literature
4. Formulate hypothesis
5. Methods: Preparing the research design
6. Data collection
7. Data analysis
8. Interpretation & report writing
Final Paper Suggested Outline
Introduction (1 & 2)
General topic
Generally identify the topic
Provide the official definition of the problem.
Who is defining this issue as a criminal justice issue? 
Why is it a problem?
Why should we care? Provide stats.
Research question. Clearly state it. 
What will this paper accomplish (thesis statement)?
Literature Review (3)
What do we know about this issue? 
What previous research has been done? 
What research can you do to advance the knowledge on this issue in terms of practice or policy? (research question)
Methods (4, 5 & 6)
Purpose of the study. Please make it very clear in writing that this is a proposed study and it will only be used for course purposes. There is no intention to publish the findings (aka a disclaimer).  
State your research question again. This paper proposes a study on __________________.
What is your methodology (qualitative, quantitative, mix methods)?
Who or what are you studying? Make this clear. My unit of analysis is ______________.
What is your DV and IV? Whats your hypothesis?  
Your sample
How will you design this study? What sampling technique will you use? How will you recruit your participants?  
How will you gain participant consent? Provide copy of the consent form to be given or signed by your participants (your sample).
How will you collect the data? For example, in person interviews, will hand out surveys in class, mail out surveys etc? What is the procedure that you will follow? Provide copy of interview protocol, survey/questionnaire, secondary data, case studies etc. in your appendix.
How will you analyze the data (if you are using secondary data)?
Data Analysis (7 & 8)
Report your findings.
How many participants? Who?
What were your major findings?
Provide graphs or direct quotes from your participants.
Limitation of the study?
Do you have any recommendations?
Where to receive funding to conduct this study?
Policy orientated recommendations
Who can you collaborate to do this study?
Future research?
Reference List (must be APA)
Appendix (please include a copy of your survey, interview protocol or any other dataset you may have used for this paper)
Reaearch Question: Are serial killers born with premeditated genes that play a role in homicidal tendencies or is it because of their surroundings as kids?
Final Paper Guidelines
1. No cover page.
2. Write your Paper topic on top and your name. For example, Human Trafficking & Policing by Happy Researcher AD.
3. Use page numbers.
4. Your paper should be between 6-7 pages not including reference list or appendix.
5. Your paper should be double space, 12 point font, with 1 inch margin on each side. 

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