The purpose of this project is to develop an in-depth proposal and execution plan for an event.  You will have the opportunity to develop and demonstrate your understanding of the concepts, principles, and practices of event planning, mangement, and evaluation.  You will use your ability to synthesize and think critically and your ability to present ideas effectively.  To complete this project, you will work in a group of 3-4 individuals (number in each group will depend on final class enrollment) as an event management company.  You need to create a company name and titles for each member. 

SCENARIO:  In recent months, the City Council of Hartford, CT (or any city of your choice) has expressed interest in making Hartford a stronger destination for a variety of sporting events.  Therefore, they established a Committee on Sporting & Special Events, which met for the first time recently.  The committee decided they needed to host a major event that would put Hartford on the map and help change the citys image.  In order to accomplish this task, the committee chair recently sent a letter to several local event management companies requesting that each company submit a proposal for a new event that would help the committee reach their goals.  The event must be comprehensive in nature and include a variety of activities outside the core product, such as workshops, parade, awards banquet, etc.  The committee wants this to be an event the participants and/or spectators remember for a long time.  Your event management company is planning to submit a proposal, which should include the following information (at a minimum and not necessarily in this order): 

  1. Event Description proposed event and all associated activities  

  1. Event Date(s)  identification of the event dates, including why they were selected 

  1. Event Venues/Locations  identification and description of the specific venues or locations used, including why they were selected 

  1. Timelines  detailed breakdown of the timeline including pre-event, event, and post-event 

  1. Event Layout/Design  a description of the physical layout and design of the event and activities within the designated location(s), including how it will be used, size of the area, number of individuals it will accommodate, and other appropriate background information 

  1. Safety & Security  a description of plans designed to help ensure the safety and security of all participants and/or guests 

  1. Logistics  description of your plans to address appropriate logistical issues including, but not limited to, transportation, parking, registration, etc. 

  1. Ancillary Services  a description of plans for food & beverage, as well as any other ancillary services.  If alcohol is being sold, where will it be sold/consumed and what controls are in place to help ensure controlled consumption?  

  1. Contracts  identification and brief description of the necessary contracts to carry-out the event 

  1. Community Involvement  a description of how community groups or organizations will be involved 

  1. Personnel  a description of the proposed structure and staffing of the organization and the plan for securing, training, managing, and rewarding event personnel (paid or volunteers) 

  1. Marketing & Sponsorship  a detailed marketing and sponsorship plan appropriate for the event 

  1. Budget  a comprehensive budget addressing all revenue and expenses for the proposed event 

  1. Firm Qualifications  relevant information regarding the event management companys ability and capacity to successfully organize and operate an event that will meet the committees expectations 

  1. Other  any other information pertinent to the event that has not been addressed elsewhere 

  1. References & Contacts  all references should be cited in APA style and industry professionals that are consulted should be identified in the reference list 

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