Create and record a 10-12-slide, executive-level presentation with notes of the SMART objectives corresponding to these elements of an organization:

  • Main strategies.
  • Associated performance indicators and metrics.
  • Strategic plan recommendations.

Note: Each assessment in this course builds upon the work you have completed in previous assessments. Therefore, you must complete the assessments in the order in which they are presented.

The successful implementation of a strategic plan requires effective communication and a thorough understanding of not only the role of the organization within the greater community, but also the role of leadership within the organization. By effectively engaging stakeholders and understanding the philosophy of strategic management, leaders can mitigate challenges and hurdles that face those directing change.

This assessment provides an opportunity for you to create an executive-level presentation explaining how SMART objectives underlying each organizational strategy can help the organization successfully implement its strategic plan. Then, after sharing the key performance indicators you developed from the strategic plan, you will use this balanced scorecard to make recommendations to revise the strategies you developed in Assessment 3.

By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:

To prepare for the assessment, begin by reviewing your four recommended strategies. Then, using the SMART Objective Setting Guide, create a minimum of three SMART objectives for each strategy. These objectives will become the basis of your presentation and will ultimately help the organization achieve the strategic direction you have recommended.


In your weekly one-on-one meeting, your manager congratulates you on the comprehensive and well-researched work you have done to date. The CEO has been working with the rest of the organization’s leadership team to adopt the overarching strategies for the organization that your manager recommended. However, your manager and CEO are seeking clarification on how to translate these strategies into meaningful benchmarks, or performance measures. They want to know how the organization will measure progress in following these strategies. In previous discussions with your manager, you have been describing the SMART methodology for writing objectives that support the overarching strategies. She has asked you to share the SMART objectives you have written for each strategy with the CEO in a brief presentation.

You are ready to begin creating your presentation and the slides that you will use to support your key points and conclusions. Your manager reminds you that the CEO expects a brief, substantive, and concise presentation. You will be lucky to get 15 minutes of the CEO’s time. Consequently, she suggests that you include no more than 1012 slides, or you will run out of time and cautions you about not creating a “death by PowerPoint” experience for the CEO. You already know from experience that your organization expects professional presentations that adhere to the organization’s branding standards.

Presentation Format and Length

Your presentation should consist of 1012 slides and be 1015 minutes in length. Use the notes portion of each slide to write your script. (The notes section is required).

You may use the structure below as a guide for organizing and timing your presentation. You do not need to place your slides in this specific order.

  • Slide 1: Title slide (15 seconds).
  • Slide 2: Revised/updated vision, mission, and values from Assessment 3. (30 seconds).
  • Slide 3: Gap analysis: desired versus actual position (1 minute).
  • Slide 4: Recommend Overarching Strategy One with three objectives (2 minutes).
  • Slide 5: Recommend Overarching Strategy Two with three objectives (2 minutes).
  • Slide 6: Recommend Overarching Strategy Three with three objectives (2 minutes).
  • Slide 7: Recommend Overarching Strategy Four with three objectives (2 minutes).
  • Slide 8: Visual: Balanced scorecard table with 13 performance indicators and associated metrics (1 minute).
  • Slide 9: Analysis (1 minute).
  • Slide 10: Recommendation of new strategic plan strategies based on the balanced scorecard (1 minute).
  • Slide 11: Overall recommendations/conclusions (1 minute).
  • Slide 12: References.

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