The purpose of the essay is to write aninformative report on Systemic Racism issue in USA and Canada, explaining the nature of the problem,describing the magnitude and scope of the problem, and analyzing theconsequences and possible future outcomes of the problem.

  • ONLY 5 credible sources (no encyclopedia, no Wikipedia). Try using academic scholars past the year 2000
  • 5 full pages with a strong introduction & thesis and strong conclusion
  • INFORMATIVE style research paper
  • NO repeating sentences, words, phrases. 
  • NO PLAGIARISM must check work before submitting 
Please answer these questions in the essay
  • A BRIEF history of how racism began in USA (black people imported from Europe/Africa to USA as slaves)
  • A BRIEF history of how black people were treated and not respected in USA. Explain the year free from slavery
  • A BRIEF definition of systemic racism and definition of racism. 
  • Describe briefly about white supremacy and include a statistic of how many black people there are in USA
  • How are black people being treated and disadvantaged in the USA? Please explain.
  • Explain how George Floyd death impacted the USA and how Black Lives Matter Movement began
  • How did Black Lives Matter and George Floyd impact the USA and Canada? (Canada has Indigenous people who experience racism)
  • Explain microaggression and different types of racism black people experience and provide a few examples
  • What has been the consequences of systemic racism in USA (example: lack trust from police, less work, education access etc)
In Canada (BRIEF)
  • A brief history of Canada colonization; Indigenous/First Nation people taken from their land by RCMP and government. The government built its own system…
  • A brief explanation of how Indigenous people experience racism/discrimination in Canada; the negative effects of White people. And not accessing medical, health…
  • Provide a statistic of the population of the Indigenous and/or Black population in Canada.
  • A brief explanation of how Indigenous people joined in the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement; “Every Child Matters. 
  • Finally, provide how Black people and Indigenous people face systemic racism (what are examples)
 explain how systemic racism is a major problem; INCLUDE BELOW
  • A BRIEF explanation on how the police and government handling systemic racism? What role do they play?
  • How has the George Floyd killing shaped the USA? (example: more movements occurring?)
  • How are people responsible for systemic racism (towards black people and indigenous people in Canada)
FUTURE Outcomes
  • How can the government work to stop systemic racism? How can the people stop discriminating black people?
  • What is the government doing to address systemic racism in police, healthcare, employment and education?
  • A call to action; how can we rebuild justice.
must be strong and have NO citation.

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