THE CROSS RIVER MONOLITHS IN HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE Ejagham civilization has been proven to be related to a sturdy stone subculture, the height of the inventive hearthplace of which is excellent contemplated withinside the monoliths embedded withinside the Nta/Nnam forest complicated area.The stone subculture epitomized in the Cross River monoliths, nevertheless exhibited a deep doubt as to their provenance. What is specifically exciting is that in spite of this skepticism, they still proceeded, wittingly or unwittingly, to reveal the connection among the Ejagham and the artwork bureaucracy at the monoliths. Many such stones lie buried within the bush, and when found are items of wonderful reverence to the Ekoi.Yet they’re certainly cut, not break up with the aid of using fire, and display the presence of a few vintage race to whom stone shaping become nicely known. No legend of such a race may be found, even though this is, after all, natural, as the Ekoi themselves simplest arrived to take ownership of the united states a few hundred years ago.It is certainly exciting that this identical style of early researchers spent precious pages in their paintings displaying the undeniable dating among the monoliths and the indigenous population of the regions wherein the monoliths have been found.Two of the Agba stones display a raised weal strolling from the foundation of the nostril to the pinnacle of the forehead, which is likewise on occasion visible on dwelling natives of the Cross River. A cautious survey of all such marks in the district, observed through photos or drawings, might probably yield very exciting results, which may possibly throw mild upon the descent and records of the distinct tribes.It has due to the fact been categorically hooked up that these iconographic cicatrices are really Nsibidi signs, which beginning is undoubtedly Ejagham. Nsibidi is an historic shape of writing which explodes the parable ingrained withinside the extensively held view that Africa changed into a continent without a way of life of writing. The beginning of Nsibidi among the Ejagham changed into chronicled over a century ago.At the modern-day a greater 3diversity of symptoms and symptoms appear to exist A number of the Ekoi of the interior than amid another tribe. The script is sincerely of tremendous antiquity, and is to a massive quantity pictographic, however has come to be highly conventionalized withinside the route of years. The very life of this alphabet, relationship again to the 1700s with no Latin or Arabic antecedent, is a rebuke to all the ones who’ve claimed over the centuries that Africa has no records, no writing and no civilization.The Nta/Nnam woodland complicated vicinity is an fundamental issue of this authentic homeland. Records show that at the same time as a lot of those businesses moved out looking for new opportunities, the ones withinside the 


4Nta/Nnam woodland complicated location, remained withinside the main, autochthonous. Many of the businesses in present Akamkpa Local authorities area migrated from the Etung woodland and areas astride the Nigeria/Cameroun border at the same time as maximum of the Ejagham businesses in Ogoja Local authorities Area migrated from Nsan Arghati and such different places proximate to the Nigeria/Cameroun border.The state of affairs is the identical with the Ejagham businesses within present-day Etung and Ikom Local authorities Areas who traversed a myriad of places to their modern-day settlements. Meanwhile as already said the businesses withinside the Nta/Nnam woodland complicated vicinity, to the contrary, did now no longer have interaction in those migratory adventures. The implication of this truth is very clear. They no longer abandon their monoliths which were configured at the peak of the creative era. Other Ejagham businesses did now no longer experience this privilege due to the fact they moved from. Some distance flung area to another and withinside the process, have to have unluckily deserted their very own pristine monoliths in their former abodes. This have to give an explanation for why Talbot located and said on some of monoliths in one of a kind levels of abandon withinside the Ejagham woodland. The desire left to those migratory businesses therefore, on arrival at their new settlement, turned into the sustenance of the common stone.Accordingly, we’re satisfied to state that the Cross River monoliths have surely aided the chronological reconstruction of the beyond of the Ejagham people withinside the Cross River area of Nigeria. The factor has already been made that the primary formidable try to chronologically interrogate the monoliths changed into made through Allison. He, it changed into who having counted the quantity of monoliths at Nta, totaling thirty nine and having recognized each of those monoliths thru oral sources, as representing a past King, tried to date the starting place or age of the agreement the usage of a ten year average imply of reign for every King, with a base year of 1900 signifying the viable date of death of the final surviving King earlier than the arrival of Europeans in to the area.The date 200AD attributed to the monoliths, consequently honestly validates those oral reassets for the reason that date alludes to an extended duration of habitation of this location through the Ejagham people whose forebears have been undeniably, the architects of the inventive civilization epitomized in the monoliths. The Ejagham ancestral homeland, the geo-political confines of that have been described above, evokes broader historical meaning while considering against the broadly held role that the Nigeria/Cameroun border location is the cradle of the Bantu phenomenon. In this regard, it’s far severely considerable to note that the Ejagham language has in view been recognized through linguists as a “true” Bantu language. This is so due to the fact its prefixes exchange among singular and plural forms; a essential function shared through all Bantu languages.These information supply credence to the statement through maximum students that the Ejagham are of Bantu stock and that the Ejagham civilization became both the nucleus of the Bantu phenomenon or at least, one of the nuclei from which the Bantu evolved. Proof of iron making web sites in some locations which fall in the Nta/Nnam wooded area complicated in current day Ikom nearby authorities region. In the light of this proof, historians posit that using iron through early Ejagham peoples in furtherance of their civilization, went past the production 

of monoliths to different ranges of innovative and resourceful engagements. The material remains of the carved stones imply the lifestyles of virile human beings whose tradition turned into iron based. Indeed their ancestors had craft industries which have been relatively advanced in talent and artistry. These crafts represent excessive factors in economics whose base became iron technology.Historians also are of the view that with an iron technology base and the explosion in innovative abilities and different kinds of industry, came an agricultural revolution that turned into inevitable in order to incorporate the needs of growing population. This became the situation that typified the lifestyles and society of early Ejagham people.The ejagham refer to these monoliths as akwanshi also refer to “dead people in the ground” and they refer to them as unique objects. 

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