6 – 8 full pages, double-spaced. MLA Style. Margins should be 1 inch. Font size should be 12. Font should be similar to Times New Roman.

Include an extra "Works Cited" page (which doesn’t count towards your 6-8 pages) and a cool creative title!


  1. Choose a source from “Crazy Wisdom” or class discussion (Examples: Lao Tzu, Camus, Gandhi, Issa, Jane Wagner, etc) Pick someone that interests you!
  2. Read at least one primary source from that person (For example, if you pick Camus, you can read a novel, short story or essay. If you pick John Cage, you can listen to his music and interviews and read some of his essays. If you pick Gary Snyder, you can read his poetry or essays. The point is that it’s source material that the philosopher created him or herself).
  3. Read some background information on that person and their ideas.

Paper Writing:

1. Explain why you chose your source. Be specific! What resonated with you in particular? Do not just say “I liked it” or “I found it interesting.”

  1. Explain the person’s ideas in the works you read, comparing and contrasting with other philosophers and ideas covered in class, including Plato. (This may or may not include Right Action.) You must use at least 4 different class comparisons, but you can use more. The more you compare/contrast with class ideas the better. Show me you’ve been paying attention and learned something. Only give biographical information as it relates to your points.
  2. Describe how this person fits one (or more) of the Crazy Wisdom archetypes. 
  3. Explain how what you’ve learned can apply to your own life

    In the course of your paper, make sure you use at least 4 new direct quotes from your source (that is, beyond including a quote from your source that Nisker used in Crazy Wisdom). You can use more if you’d like.

    Grammar and spelling are important – proofred (ha ha) your paper! Be sure your paragraphs do not last a full page! 

    This paper is mandatory. If you don’t turn it in or it fails to meet the length or content requirements, you will not pass the course.

    Let me know if you have any questions…have fun…!

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