Sources are already found. They are listed below. Write an APA style paper on the role of heuristics and schemas on racism/prejudice. Please make sure to define racism and prejudice. Make sure to have an introduction and discussion. If you need to use more outside sources, you can. But, please try to use all the sources listed below. Thank you!! 

  1. McVee, M. B., Dunsmore, K., & Gavelek, J. R. (2005). Schema Theory Revisited. Review of Educational Research, 75(4), 531566.

  2. Cox, W. T. L., Abramson, L. Y., Devine, P. G., & Hollon, S. D. (2012). Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Depression: The Integrated Perspective. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 7(5), 427449.

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  7. Bigler, R., & Clark, C. (2014). The inherence heuristic: A key theoretical addition to understanding social stereotyping and prejudice. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 37(5), 483-484. doi:10.1017/S0140525X1300366X

  8.   Wood, Stoltz, D. S., Van Ness, J., & Taylor, M. A. (2018). Schemas and Frames. Sociological Theory, 36(3), 244261.

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