Go through slides first to make sure you do the assignment correctly. See powerpoint slides on Blackboard for detail description of each step of this assignment.

Step 1: The Three Day Diet Diary (12 points) – Must submit 3 worksheets (no other format) or you will receive 0 points for entire assignment

Details are important! For your diet analysis assignment you will need to keep track of everything you consume for three days . There are many methods of collecting dietary information, but the diet diary is the best method. The information collected is only helpful if you keep accurate data. You are graded on the detail you provide, not on the quality of your diet, so do not be hesitant in tracking everything you consume. Keep in mind the full assignment is quite lengthy and will not be an accurate picture of your diet unless you carefully keep track. You must have at least 8 different foods each day (not including beverages). If you eat fewer than 8 different foods, do your analysis on a friend or family member with a more varied diet. You cannot complete the assignment until you have these worksheets done.

Step 2: Compare Your Diet to MyPlate (5 points)

This step of the diet analysis assignment gives you an opportunity to compare your diet to the MyPlate recommendations. MyPlate is a quick and easy way to analyze dietary intake. You will need to use the Choose My Plate website for this section. You need a clear, readable photo or screen shot of your MyPlate plan to submit with the assignment.

Step 3: Estimating Energy and Protein Needs (8 points)

Complete the Energy and Protein Needs Worksheet. There are many ways to estimate energy and protein needs. Use this worksheet to calculate your energy and protein needs using a common equation.

Step 4: Nutrient Reports (8 points) For this section you will use a free APP or website called, Cronometer . You will need to turn in a report after using the app or website. You do not have to use the version that asks you to pay in order to complete the assignment. You have 2 options for use. I recommend #2.

1. Download the Free APP.

2. Register online using: https://cronometer.com/

Step 5: Nutrient Source Worksheet (8 points)

For this step you will be identifying the foods in your three-day diet diary that provided specific nutrients.

Step 6: Written Analysis (9 points) Based on all the reports and worksheets you should be able to do a good analysis of your diet. Answer the questions on the Written Analysis Report worksheet and submit. You must submit the worksheet. Other formats will not be accepted.

Submission of Diet Analysis Assignment:

Assignment Checklist:

Three day diet diary – submit 3 Diet Diary Worksheets (Step 1)

MyPlate Plan – screen shot or photo (Step 2)

Completed Energy and Protein Worksheet (Step 3)

Three day average cronometer nutrient report printed from website (Step 4)

Completed Nutrient source worksheet (Step 5)

Written Analysis Report Worksheet (Step 6)

Diet Diary Worksheets (found on next 3 pages)

STEP 1 Day 1 Date: _______________ Name: ______________________
* Indicate why you chose to eat at that time- hunger, boredom, social setting, etc.
STEP 1 Day 2 Date: _______________ Name: ______________________
* Indicate why you chose to eat at that time- hunger, boredom, social setting, etc.
STEP 1 Day 3 Date: _______________ Name: ______________________
* Indicate why you chose to eat at that time- hunger, boredom, social setting, etc.
Energy and Protein Needs Worksheet

Step 3


Your actual weight = ______ pounds divided by 2.2 = _____ kg

Your actual height = _______ inches divided by 39.37 = ________m

Age = _________ years Gender: ___________ (Choose male or female to calculate kcal needs)

1. Energy Needs – Calculate your estimated energy requirements (EER)

See Box 6-1 Chapter 6 in your text for step by step instructions. Choose the PA (physical activity factor) from the table that most accurately fits your lifestyle. Show your work. If you just type in an answer without showing the calculations, you will receive 0 points.

Adults 19 years and older – Men:

EER = [662 – (9.53 x age)] + PA x [(15.91 x weight [kg]) + (539.6 x height [m])]

Adults 19 years and older – Women:

EER = [354 – (6.91 x age)] + PA x [(9.36 x weight [kg]) + (726 x height [m])]

Pick an EER equation and show your calculation and answer here:

My kcal needs are ________________________ kcals/day

2. Protein Needs:

_______kg X 0.8 grams protein/kg = ___________ grams protein per day (You can use 1.2 if you are an athlete)

3. Comparison of Estimation Techniques:

Energy (kcals)

Protein (grams)

EER and .8 or 1.2 grams/kg

My Plate



Nutrient Source Worksheet

Step 5


For each day identify at least two foods that you consumed which contributed significant amounts to your daily intake of the following nutrients. If you have no foods providing the nutrient there would be a zero in your chronometer print outs. Use the text if you are having a hard time finding food sources.







Saturated Fat

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Written Analysis Report Worksheet: Name: ________________________

Answer each question, providing detail from your diet. You must answer using complete sentences. You must fill 2 pages with information (double spaced, 1 inch margins, 11 point type). Submit this worksheet with your assignment. Warning: This information MUST be specific to your diet. Plagiarized assignments = 0 points.

1.Why do you eat specific foods? What influences your food choices? Give specific food examples from the three days you recorded. Explain how these influences can be positive or negative.

2.How many ounces of fluids did you consume each day? This number you will need to add up yourself from your three-day diet diary. How does this number compare to the recommendations of 48-64 oz. per day (more for very active students)? Do you drink mostly water, or do you consume many caffeinated or sugar-sweetened beverages?

3.My Plate Plan: How did your diet compare with the recommendations for you? Consider each food group and your intake from each – is it appropriate? List at least three foods you could add or change to improve your My Plate intake.

4.Calories Report: how did your calorie intake compare to the amount My Plate, cronometer or your calculations recommended for you? Are you happy with your kcal intake and your activity level? What changes do you think need to be made? Give examples and be specific.

5. Nutrient Intake: How does your individual nutrient intake compare to the RDA standards? Focus on nutrients where your intake did not meet needs (110% of RDA). List at least three foods you would add/change/delete to improve these percentages. Also look at your fiber intake. Does it meet the recommendations of 25-35 grams per day? How will you improve on that number?

6. Summarize your analysis and list three measurable, attainable goals to improve your diet. List specific foods that you would actually be willing to eat! Examples: “Add whole wheat bread to my breakfast at least 4 days a week” or “Add 1 cup of broccoli to my dinner at least once per week”.

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