This program is a Theatre Seating Program that must be able to do the following:

  • In a two dimensional array, comrpised of 15 rows of seats and 30 seats in each row, a char object should be shown with either a * symbol for taken seats or available seats with a # symbol. A legend should be shown similar to figure one.
  • A menu should be shown at the beginning of the program. This menu should look like figure 57 below.
    • If the user enters 1, it should display the seats available and taken similar to figure 1.
    • If the user enters 2, the program must read data from a text file (numbers). The program should display the prices for each row. See figure 82.
    • If the user enters 3, the program should allow the user to update the seat prices for each row (update the text file). See fig. 79.
      • A default of $5 for all rows should be included in the text file.
    • If the user enters 4, an option should be given for the user to view available seats before making a selection.
      • “Do you wish to view the chart of available seats beforemaking your selections (y/n)? See Fig. 88
        • If yes, the program should call a function called “displaySeats” that displays the chart in figure 1. This should be the same function used if the user enters 1.
        • If no, skip the chart.
      • The ordering process should look like fig. 90.
      • The user must enter the row and seat number for each ticket sold.
      • Ask if the user wants to purchase another seat and repeat until the user selects no. 
      • The program should enter the total ticket prices and update the seating chart every time a ticket is purchased.
      • When someone requests a particular seat, the program should ensure its availability before sold.
    • If the user enters 5, display all ticket sales.
    • If the user enters 6, end the program.
  • Implement all of the functions exactly as shown within figure 107 and ensure they are called appropriately, prototypes are placed above the main() and function definitions are placed below the main(). Exactly these prototypes MUST be used.
  • The main function should call displayMenu which uses a switch statement within the getChoice() function. 
  • This code MUST match the specification in this file EXACTLY.
  • The code MUST use pointers for accessing array elements at all times
  • Comments MUST be placed periodically throughout the code explaining the purpose of functions and input/output within the functions.

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