-It is coursework included in the English Literature A Level course and is from the Edexcel Examboard. This question is only to do with the novels, not the movies.
-It is a compare and contrast essay focusing on American Psycho by Brett Easton Ellis and Fight Club by Chuck Palahuik
-It is more of an essay where you show how the books have shown it but also compare the ways that they did it, either it being similar or different 
-you can reword the question if needed – what I want it written about is the compare and contrast with how masculinity, capitalism, consumermism, post modernism and isolation is presented and why it is presented that way
-An introduction introducing both books with basic information but in formal and well-spoken language, linking the question is important
-After introduction, go on to the paragraphs – there should be at least 4 subtopics
-The ones I chose to focus on is how masulinity is presented, how communism is presented, how both have unreliable narrators and how isolation is presented and how all those are perpetuated by society during the 1980’s-90’s but you’re welcome to do any one as long as it links back to the question
-The use of quotes to back up points is extremely important and quotes should be analysed and given an alternate meaning if needed
-Context of the time the book was written and set and about the writer is very important and should be linked to the topics  
-Critics are also important to mention and link those back to the question – critics can be found in news articles or anything of that sort – state the name of the writer
-In the attached file named ‘Draft 4’, I included the draft of the essay but IT IS MOSTLY PLAGIARIZED AND COPIED FROM OTHER WEBSITES this was done to show you how it should be structured and how it should sound like (kind of, its messy)
-The language should be similar or even better to the one used in the draft I attached 
-All highlighted areas are included to maybe help if needed, the UNhighlighted part is the actual ‘essay’
-You can as many sources as you think is appropriate 
-A conclusion is also very important 
-AP is American psycho and FC is fight club in the essay I uploaded
-I also included a structure table named ‘Essay Restructuring’ that would help you top see how it should be structured 
-Also follow the AOs attached on the file called ‘Know your AOs’  – that is how it will be assessed, also included below 
-You can use as many sources as you think is appropriate 

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