First-person, (John)

Good day Everyone, 

I am recently back from a hiatus from school and I am glad to be back. My home network is not that complicated it has a TV, 2 Game Consoles, 2 Personal Computers, 1 security system hub, and two phones. These are the things that connect to my home internet on a daily basis. Every now and again there is a friend over that adds a device to it but that’s about it. I have no wired connections in my house everything I have connected is connected through WIFI. The router that I use to send that signal throughout the house is the one my ISP gave me and since it does not slack and I have no problems I see no reason to buy one of my own. My house is not big enough to deal with signal loss or signal degradation. The security I have implemented in my house since most of my devices are frequent flyers is pretty simple. I turn off my SSID Broadcast for one and I know that wouldn’t stop someone that really wants to get into my network but it helps against neighbors who try getting free wifi. I have a very complex password that wouldn’t be easily guessed and contains many different types of characters. This allows me to have peace of mind that someone can not crack this code very easily. I have an access control list that lists all of the devices that I know are going to be in the house often and would reject outside devices. I also have a Guest Wifi that is separated from my home network. Something I would like to do one day would be to buy a router that has advanced security features to make my home network more secure. On my devices, I have all of them set up to automatically receive updates when they are available to them. This does not always work since some of my devices are not on all day, but on paper it should help eliminate issues with having critical failures due to non-compliance to update to the newest OS or version of an application. Me and my wife have our firewalls activated at all times on our personal computers. Our Phones have their own OS security that helps with malware, and viruses. We make sure to only download things from reputable vendors such as Google play store, Apple App Store, and others like that. I would say my main weak spot is not having my firewall activated on my router. It has caused issues with some applications and the one my router has on it is pretty old and isn’t that sophisticated. Having the firewall would make it more secure from outside entities. This is another reason why I need a better router. Security is key these days in order to keep your data safe from peeping eyes. I hope everyone has a great week! I look forward to your replies!

Second person, (lee)

Hello class . My name is Lee Knight ,I am from Upper Marlboro Maryland.  A lot of hard work that your company will put in  and promote on line will go up in smoke if it is not protected correctly. Sometimes Network security  risk can be troublesome, because you may not be aware of issues until damage has been done.

  Computer Viruses  is where a viruses can attack on a global scale. Let us look at this way when Covid 19 came on to the seen it was world wide. It is just as a threat to local areas as global. Computer Viruses is the same way. Viruses can corrupt your files and delete valuable data, and negatively impact your daily operations.  Covid does the same thing with your body, if not properly protected.

Software Vulnerabilities Pose Network Security Risk. Sometimes on my computer security update will pop up in middle of me doing a project. Sometimes I will click out of it and I may forget about it. But I started to learn to update when it pops up. It is important  to update  your security software, because if you do not it will cause the company and your self problems.

Hackers now days is a growing issues  ,because it can cause devastating damage from anywhere. If they hackers break into your system they can have fun at your cost. They can steal files and get private information and expose trade secrets for your competitors and for the world to see.

Employees can can breach security without even knowing it.  The most responsible person if not trained and taught correctly can and will put companies and even yourself at Risk. Employees must be p trained and taught correctly to keep Security good.  Plus employees must know if they go on another websites it can cause issues. 

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