your personal strategic plan should be very specific to your own Vision, Mission and Values and must also demonstrate your understanding of the information related to strategic plans
1. Vision, Mission and Values: You have already written the first part of your plan which is the Vision, Mission and Values Statement. Be sure to include it in your plan as everything else should relate back to it. ((((( I alredy wrote this point ))))))
2. Personal and Professional Goals: What are the 3 to 8 most important goals that will enable you to realize your vision? (For instance: “Obtain my bachelor’s degree in business, obtain a job in the finance department of an international company, obtain funding for my business, marry the man I love, raise happy and healthy children, etc.”)
3. Core Competences : What are your 3 to 5 personal core competencies? What special talents, skills or knowledge do you have? (For instance, “I am consistently able to convince others of my ideas, have a distinct artistic flair, understand and love the field of Finance, am very intelligent, am very intuitive, learn quickly, etc.”)
4. Competitive Advantages , What are the 3 to 5 qualities that make you different from others? (For instance, “I have a college education, had internship experience in a bank, speak three languages, have lived in several different countries, 5. What is your personal situational analysis (SWOT) ?
1. What are the opportunities (to achieve your goals) in your environment?
Your external environment is the world in which you live. For instance, it might consist of where you live, the culture in which you live, the local economy, initiatives by the government to offer funding for female entrepreneurs, etc. If one of your goals is to have an international career, you would be examining the international environment for opportunities.
2. What are the threats (to achieving your goals) in your environment?
Threats are factors in your environment that could interfere with your achieving your goals. For instance, if one of your goals is to become a successful Saudi businesswoman, a threat might be prevailing attitudes toward women as being less capable than men or fewer job opportunities for women than for men, etc.
3. What are your relevant personal strengths that will help you achieve your goals?
Your strengths contribute to your reaching your goals. For instance, if your goal is to become a lawyer, a relevant strength might be the ability to memorize and comprehend large amounts of information in a short time.
4. What are your personal weaknesses that could interfere with your ability to achieve your goals?
For instance, if one of your goals is to be a successful entrepreneur, your shyness and lack of experience in business could hold you back (until you conquered them). If you always prefer to work alone, this could impact your ability to relate to a team in a corporate environment.
5. Using all of the above information to create your plan, what specific strategies (that utilize strengths and capitalize on opportunities)will you adopt to achieve your goals , Be specific and include deadlines.
6. How and when will you measure progress toward your goals?
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