For twenty points each. Choose FIVE of the following. Write on average a paragraph for each. PLEASE use your own words. Copying material from the text is plagiarism without a proper citation. Copying material from anything or anyone is likewise plagiarism. Even then filling your answers up with quotes will hurt your evaluation. Late turn-ins will be docked, regardless of reason. If you let me know before hand, they will not be docked all that much.nnWhenever possible, be specific, give examples to support your main points. Show you’ve done the reading and paid attention in class. Answers based on wikipedia and other sites will not be appreciated. Grammar is not as important as clarity, but do try to answer your questions in prose and not outline. If you need to email provide a very good reason. The college requires you attend the final. So you need a good reason why you can’t come in to hand in your take home final.nn nnThis exam is worth more. So some but not all topics are comprehensive. All things being equal I will extra consideration to those doing comprehensive topics. But a good non-comprehensive answer is better than a bad comprehensive answer.nn nnEvaluations per answernn nn18-20. You’re doing more or less A work which means you’ve exceeded the requirements expectations.nn16-17. This is a B kind of answer. You’ve more or less met my expectations.nn14-15. This is a C kind of answer. You’ve not quite met my expectations, but you’ve shown effort or some insight.nn12-13, D kind of answer. Disappointing. Incomplete.nn11 or less. You’re probably lucky you got this muchnn.nn nn1. Describe and analyze the best of the fine Group Presentation on June 17.nn2. Describe and analyze the worst of the fine Group Presentations on June 17.nn3. What happened to the Chinese Exclusion Law during World War II and explain why.nn4. Describe and analyze the “Myth of Military Necessity” in relationship to Japanese American internment during World War II.nn5. Identify and give the significance of the “No No Boys.”nn6. Compare Asian American experiences on the mainland and Hawai’i. Give examples.(Comprehensive)nn7. How did the Cold War affect Asian American experiences.nn8. Describe and analyze ONE Asian American athlete described in either the lectures or PDF or both. (Comprehensive). Also you can google answer if you feel lecture and PDF provides insufficient information.nn9. Identify and explain the significance of the McCarran-Walter Act of 1952nn10. Identify and explain the significance of the Immigration Reform Act of 1965.nn11. How did American immigration laws affect the development of the Asian American population? Be as specific as possible (comprehensive).nn12. Describe and analyze the experiences of ONE of the following. You can google answer if you wish: Pat Suzuki, Yuri Kochiyama or Grace Lee Boggs.nn13. Describe ONE of the following. You can google answer if you wish: Daniel Inouye OR Dalip Singh Saund.nn
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