What is the most interesting brain area you learned about this week? Tell us about an actual disorder that happens when this area doesn’t function normally. Use other online sources to find out about the condition and list these extra sources in your post. Wikipedia is not considered an academic source


Give a response to each of these paragraph by 2 or 3 sentences.

  1. Its hard to pick a specific part of the brain thats most interesting, because its like a big machine and all parts are needed to work together effictiantly. But, what interested me the most is the frontal lobe, that is because it is the source for the human species ability to think complexly and abstractly. Functions such as: Voluntary motor movement, emotional expression, memory, and the list goes on. Humans ability for higher thinking is what seperates us from other species. According to Medical News Daily, damage to this area could case speech problems, personality changes, trouble planning. Phineas Gage suffered a frontal lobe injury, despite his survival his personality completely changed and he became way more aggressive, this is an example of a frontal lobe damage.
  2. For me the most interesting brain area that I learned this week is the occipital lobe. The occipital lobe’s function involves our perception of our visual informations. It also organizes the complex visual perceptions. When this part of our brain, especially the primary visual cortex, is damaged it leads to a form of central blindness. This is called the Anton’s syndrome where patients cannot recognize things using their sense of sight and completely unaware of it. (From The Human Memory) It is also called the Brain Anosognosia and this disorder is very rare and the patients who experienced it won’t admit it or admit that they cannot see anything.

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